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Fostex T50RP: My Impressions

A Review On: Fostex T50RP Closed Ear Stereo Headphones

Fostex T50RP Closed Ear Stereo Headphones

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Pros: Good SQ even when unamped, sturdy, nice aesthetics

Cons: Hard, unforgiving headband, Sub-par detachable cable


Prior listening experience: Audio Technica ATH-M50, AKG K240 Studio
My time with these headphones was limited, as I bought them for a friend who lives far away. 
The overall sound signature isn't overly bassy or dark, but there is more bass than treble. Good imaging, sound feels like it emanates from nowhere as opposed to from two distinct spots over your ears. Soundstage is slightly better than most closed cans. Bass is really good and tight, though it rolls off a bit. Mids seem very slightly boomy. Very smooth treble. Isolates very well and little sound leakage.
Heavy and sturdy. Feels like a tank. Mostly ABS construction. Metal headband with a rubber sleeve and no padding. Matte copper-finished yokes. Free-motion, non stepped headband adjustment.Pivoting earcup design helps ensure proper fit. Detachable 10-foot cable.
Not very comfortable. Earpads are very soft and encompass your whole ear, and not overly heavy as to cause neck pain, but for a headphone this heavy to have an unpadded headband makes me wonder what Fostex was thinking. After about 20-ish minutes of listening the headband begins to feel like it's digging into the top of your head. It's very unpleasant and usually results in needing to remove the headphones.
*Amazing build quality, very sturdy
*Isolates well
*Great sound quality out of an iPod, sounds many times better when properly amplified
*Sound quality rivals $600 headphones with proper modifications
*Headband is hard and unforgiving, I expected comfort to be better for a headphone of this caliber
*The detachment method for the cable could be far better
*Sometimes hard to adjust
That sums up this review. At this price, there's no contest. Definitely go for these, Fostex doesn't disappoint!


I'm guessing you're using a stock one?
Have you tried any mods?
Sadly I can't try any mods. I bought them for a friend and must part ways with them in 4 days.
I'll get a pair of my own sometime because I really do like them and I love DiY projects.
Just bought a pair with the Blue Monkey Flyer 8.1 modification and a balanced Mogami cable....and they DO sound like the LCD2's "little brother"!
How much did that cost, out of curiosity? Haven't heard of that mod myself.
140.- US.....a STEAL for what it is!
Where can you get them though? I cant find them anywhere..
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