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Fostex HP-P1 Reviews


Brilliant and perfect.


Pros: Exceptional materials, DAC reader, 80 mW/channel, perfect sound quality, 2 filters and 3 types of gain.

Cons: A little bit big, nothing else.

I've bought it for 489.90 euros and worth them all, the materials are magnificent (the Fostex is MADE IN JAPAN), DAC reader, 160 mW, 2 filters and 3 types of gain. I've listened it for about 2 weeks, so I can say that the sound quality of this portable amplifier are absolute perfection (FOR ME), if you are searching of the maximum perfection and of maximum audiophile sound quality, the Fostex is probably not for you, the Fostex costs about 500$, there are other better portable amplifiers for over 1000$, but for 500$ the Fostex beats them all. Apart the fact that the Fostex is a little bit big, i can't find any defect.

Fostex HP-P1 DAC/AMP First Impressions


Pros: Great resolution, highs and bass. Excellent sound stage. All in one solution which fits into my pocket quite nicely

Cons: Battery life is on the low side, volume knob dampening too light, slight unit rattle, useless case

  Fostex HP-P1 mini first impressions:    Original thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/596755/fostex-hp-p1-vs-gen5-5-imod-rsa-sr-71b-balanced-output-now-with-fostex-hp-p1-review-page-2/15   I am moving from iPhone 4S playing lossless files + RSA Tomahawk + SE535LTD   Build quality good: is industry leading. It is solid, curvy, beautiful and integrates very well with an iPhone with the cut outs on the top. It just oozes quality. Think RSA build quality. It fits well into my jeans pocket as a unit surprisingly, so quite portable considering all it does.   Build quality bad: The unit rattles? erm well not really rattles but it's...
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Best i-device portable DAC I ever listened to......


Pros: Smooth, soundstage, mids and high sound like from desktop DAC, filter 1&2 selection

Cons: Heavy, battery or chips issue, battery life, no bass adjustment, built-in amp not power enough, useless case, big annoying volume knob

Best i-Device portable DAC ever listened to, very neutral and smooth like from a desktop DAC. Currently using it with my iPod touch 5 (Yes, it's support lightinig connector). I will prefer filter (2) than (1) as (1) is more flatter. Built-in amp is not powerful enough to drives some headphones, currently I using SE535 and Bowers & Wilkins P7 both headphones sounded perfect with HP-P1.   Now battery is the most problem given to me. After 6 months I get HP-P1, the battery seems to be not function at all but under warranty my dealer change it a whole new one for me, but after a year plus the battery seems to have some charging problem, after...
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Amazing audiophile grade gear on the go!


Pros: SQ is top notch

Cons: The bondage carrying bag... >..<

Just received it. Sounds amazing with my current phones. The 2 filter options are really handy to help taper off phones that had too much of a treble spike (using filter 1), while the "flatter" sounding phones sounded awesome with filter 2.   Soundstage improvements aren't that noticeable compared to my iQube width wise. But there is a noticeable improvement in the layering of depth in the soundstage. Helps with imaging and makes everything that much more "3D".   Going to spend a couple of weeks listening to it and report back~

Fostex HP-P1


Pros: My Shure & KRK happy testing & Very nice sound. Get it last Friday. Buy from DMT HK.

Cons: Very Nice~~ I love it ~

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