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I love you Focal

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Focal Spirit Professional

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Pros: Soundstage, Speed, Refinement, Build quality (it's a tank), Isolation (awesome!), Bass, Midrange, Treble, BALANCE, Removable Cables, etc.

Cons: A bit heavy, a bit pricey but worth it, not the most detailed headphones

I am apologizing beforehand, this is not a review but only praise for the Focal Spirit Professionals. Forget the B&W P7's, PSB M4U1's, Sennheiser Momentums, or as a matter of fact any portable headphones that are $300+ or below a thousand something dollars. These are absolutely amazing headphones with absolutely no flaw I can nitpick. As neutral and smooth as they are, they are still packed with fervent energy without the stridency or grain in the higher frequencies. The bass is also very satisfying with great body in the mid-bass and precise rumble in the sub-bass. Moreover, the soundstage is truly impeccable for a closed-back portable headphone. Beautifully melded sound. As a matter of fact these portable-headphones are competitive against some high-end open cans  in my opinion and that speaks volumes. Lastly, I would like to point out that when listening to drums, the timbre is soo spot-on; it reminds me of the HIFIMAN HE-500's :]


Wow, your review got a good piece of the expression on your face when you were trying them. I am still happy of the trade, but your review of the FSPros expresses the void left from the accuracy and neutrality. If anything, you should have a song breakdown and how they work with your guitar.
Whoops, not a review. Do an update and make it one!
Well it's kind of a review haha. Anyways, that's actually a pretty interesting idea. I might do that when I have some time, post songs of different genres from youtube and write how well the FSPros perform with each song; I've seen other head-fiers do that haha.
I tried this at an audio show about a week ago and it impressed me. When I tried the spirit one, I hated it. Gawd-awful artificial sounding and cheap construction just confused me cause I liked focal for its speakers. I tried both the classic and the pro. I must day the pro sounds better. I would like to take home these babes but I'm not a closed-back headphone guy.:P
I have no choice but to be a closed-back headphone guy because I need the isolation LOL.
Just wondering if you've heard the NAD HP50 compared to the Focals
No I have never listened to the HP50's before but I have previously owned the PSB M4U-2's. I have heard they are nearly identical sounding headphones. Take a look at their frequencies on the same graph.
The PSB's and Focal's both share a very pleasant, roomy soundstage and smooth midrange. The PSB's don't do anything better than the Focal's in terms of anything. But the Focal's are better at a couple more things than the PSB's: Speed, treble, punchier bass, comfort, and build quality. There is absolutely no grain in the treble when listening to the Focal's, but there seems to be a teensy amount of grain in the PSB's which bothered me. The crystal clear (not sibilant) treble of the Focal's coupled with the punchier bass makes the Focal's more energetic and sound faster. I found the PSB's to be a bit slow, they are just not the headphones for fast-paced music. But what's amazing about the Focal's is that they don't sound either shrill or overly-bassy to me as fast headphone's (like grados). But instead, they sound natural AND fast. And that is why I love Focal.
My FSP headband got cracks after only few days of use, others experienced similar problems as well, so i wouldn't call this 'built like a tank' really, except if it's a toy plastic one...and it's a pity, since i really love the sound. Sorry if i spoil something here, just wanted to reflect on this part of the review. Thank you.
Wow that's unfortunate. I sold mine a couple weeks ago to fund for my speaker system and really thought they were well built.
I think the Spirit Pros have a very annoying harsh sound in the uppermids
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