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Focal Spirit Professional Reviews

Positive Reviews


Review: Focal Spirit Professional


Pros: Neutral Sound, Punchy and Dynamic, Aesthetically Pleasing

Cons: Headband and Swivel Construction, Didn't Pay For Itself

Introduction and Context:   On October 27th, 2013, I posted a question in the Sennheiser Amperior Appreciation Thread: (http://www.head-fi.org/t/612632/sennheiser-amperior-appreciation-thread/405#post_9926794)   Quote: Originally Posted by AustinValentine  I have my own question for this fantastic group of Amperior enthusiasts: can anyone recommend a circumaural (open or closed) headphone with a sound signature similar to the Amperior? I have a pair of V-Moda M-100's with XL pads and a Sennheiser HD580 (600 grills/custom cable) and while I like them both quite a bit, I still find myself going back to the Amperior around 60% of the time. Both of my other...
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Very good, very detailed and energetic closed headphone. Very good for studio use.


Pros: Fast and punchy bass, very good details, very good transients, good transparency, good soundstage, well built

Cons: Very good for studio use, but may get a little tiresome after a while for non professional use

Hello everybody,   I have been waiting for this for a while now. The first headphone from Focal, the Spirit One  impressed me very much with their unique sound.   From that moment on I was really curious to see what Focal will come up with next in the headphone department.   Well, the time has come, as I have both new models from Focal on my desk, the Focal Spirit Classic and Spirit Professional.     The review was dedicated mostly to the Focal Spirit Classic, and you can find it here.   I will extract the piece that was describing the Spirit Professional:   Both headphones come with a gold plated...
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Negative Reviews


Fantastic sound for studio work let down by poor headband construction


Pros: Dynamic, punchy, neutral and detailed - great sound

Cons: Headband design has broken on 2 pairs making them a poor long term investment

I have pasted a review I wrote a while back posted on Amazon - saved me saying all the same stuff again.   I've had these headphones for a few months now and so feel in a better position to comment on their merits, in my eyes(or should I say, ears) as they have been burnt in nicely and the headband/earcups have settled in. I have been so enamoured with their sound and comfort, I felt compelled to share this. First of all, I was looking for some closed back headphones for a degree of sound isolation, as I'm often in an environment where sound needs to be kept in or out. The Focals are exceptionally good in this regard because their memory foam ear cups provide a good seal around my...
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An excellent sounding headphone with some poor design choices


Pros: Sound is exceptional. Detailed, great imaging, great bass and sounds as if it were close to neutral.

Cons: This is an on-ear headphone and not an over-ear headphone.

Sound   First off, I do need to stress these sound excellent. Excellent clarity, great bass, fun and a neutralish sound that is enjoyable for long-term listening. I think they need a bit more treble but I can certainly see how many people think the treble is there in just the right amount.   However, the real let down is the many design choices that really harm this headphone.   On-ear or Over-ear?   For the average ear these are on-ear headphones not over-ear. The ear cavity is far too small to fit the average ear inside. The ear pads also take up half the potential space. Inner cup dimensions: 48mm x 38mm   The pads are glued on. They can be...
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More Reviews


I love you Focal


Pros: Soundstage, Speed, Refinement, Build quality (it's a tank), Isolation (awesome!), Bass, Midrange, Treble, BALANCE, Removable Cables, etc.

Cons: A bit heavy, a bit pricey but worth it, not the most detailed headphones

I am apologizing beforehand, this is not a review but only praise for the Focal Spirit Professionals. Forget the B&W P7's, PSB M4U1's, Sennheiser Momentums, or as a matter of fact any portable headphones that are $300+ or below a thousand something dollars. These are absolutely amazing headphones with absolutely no flaw I can nitpick. As neutral and smooth as they are, they are still packed with fervent energy without the stridency or grain in the higher frequencies. The bass is also very satisfying with great body in the mid-bass and precise rumble in the sub-bass. Moreover, the soundstage is truly impeccable for a closed-back portable headphone. Beautifully melded sound. As a matter...
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