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Focal Spirit One Headphones Reviews


Excellent, fast, punchy and well extended bass; lush and detailed mids, nice treble with the little necessary sparkle, but not bright or sibiliant


Pros: excellent, fast, punchy and well extended bass; lush and present mid-range ; meaty and natural sound ; good treble with no harshness or sibilance ; very fast and energetic sound (excellent PRAT); very good isolation; good overall build quality; excellent for portable use; detachable cables

Cons: the sound is a a little congested; voices could use more texture ; could be uncomfortable for many

The Focal Spirit One really took me by surprise.   A friend of mine praised them a lot so I asked him to lend them to me for a little test.   When I opened Focal Spirit Ones’ case, I found 2 detachable cables, one for smartphones with volume control, and one for normal usage, a 3.5 to 6.3 jack converter, a small bag for easy carrying and of these. These headphones look really good and feel sturdy. It has a lot of plastic but it feels well built and has some metal parts. All the grey parts from this picture are metal: The cable is not as thin as I have seen at other headphones and has a nice and sturdy feel. When I first put...
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Overall: unimpressed


Pros: Warm, good bass, feel sturdy, good aesthetics, detachable cable, nice included accessories and case

Cons: Not actually circumaural, cheap cables, overbearing clamping force, highs can be shrill

I was overall unimpressed with the Focal Spirit One cans.  I'm hardly a connoisseur of headphones, but I was let down a bit by the sound and the manufacturer's advertising.   I compared these to my reference headphones, which are at the moment a pair of Sony MDR-V6.  I would be comparing them to some Denon AH-D950s from ~2000, but they are (alas) broken.  My overall impression of the Focal Spirit One is this: good, but you can find much better for less money.   The Sound: I found the sound to be pleasant - it leans toward warm with very pronounced bass characteristics; the bass sometimes got in the way of the rest of what I was listening to, but always felt...
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Have immediate WOW factor but get tired with time


Pros: Clear bass, excellent build. Lively presentation.

Cons: Overly bright. Synthetic sound.

Very good headphones if you want something fun, lively and bassy. I was really impressed at first but with time I started to notice the short comings. Although relatively open sounding the sound is quite synthetic, almost forced. They do not give an accurate representation of the material listened to but that is not to say they do not give an enjoyable performance. Bass is well defined and lively, maybe too lively.  If you are after some 'truth' in your closed back headphones then I would steer clear of these. If you are looking for something fun then I would recommend giving these a try!
Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › Over-Ear › Focal Spirit One Headphones › Focal Spirit One Headphones Reviews