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C435: One of the very best CIEM out there that money can buy

A Review On: FitEar Private C435 Custom In-Ear Monitors

FitEar Private C435 Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Clarity, Soundstage performance & Guarantee of quality on product

Cons: Huge price tag to match the absolute quality, Zero resale value & Limited distribution channel


This review is based on the demo set at Jaben Singapore, which I have demoed extensively no less than 3 times.

Though fit is pretty good, but as perfect fit is not achieved, I shall not be commenting much on the bass of C435.




FitEar is a household name in Japan, though they fast gaining popularity in Singapore.

TG334 has been a rather big revelation here in Singapore, hence bringing more attention to their line of customs here.


Quality wise, FitEar is almost peerless. The finish on every product that leave Suyama San's lab is immaculate.

Be it customs or universals, each and every (C)IEM is of such high quality, it sets the bar for others in the industry to follow.


However, potential buyers need to be aware that there is no resale value for FitEar customs, as they fill the inside of the shell with acrylic.

This process, however, ensures that all FitEar customs have that solid and premium feel.





I personally own an UM Miracle and have always feel that the sound quality of 435 is Miracle if it was perfected.

For me, both share a similar kind of signature.

Hence, I'd would be writing this review of 435 and comparing it to Miracle (in italics).


Bass is tight and impactful, though missing slightly in quantity.

Miracle is like the above description, except 435 has the better quality in texture.


Mid range is extremely clear, and listening to 435, it's like looking out of a open window with no glass in between what one is seeing.

Besides the extreme clarity in mid range, Suyama San has added a spoonful of honey into the mids. Not too much, just enough to sweeten the mid range so that it sounds slightly sweet.

This makes 435 so listenable with vocals based tracks, especially female vocals.

Some say Miracle has a recessed mid range; I've always disagree. To me, Miracle's mid range is just so clear, one does not hear other flavour on it; but I do concede that the mid range of Miracle is slightly dry.

Miracle's mid range is clear, but 435's is even clearer. The slight sweetness to the vocals just makes 435 a much better CIEM here.


435 has a very extended and extremely smooth treble. How Suyama San managed to tune the treble to be so extended, without sounding sibilant is quite beyond me.

Combining the above with an amazingly spacious sound, 435 has one of the best treble I've ever laid ears upon.

For me, Miracle's forte has always been its treble and soundstage performance.

Miracle has very a pretty extended treble that's very smooth. It's also pretty open and spacious sounding.

But, 435 easily resets the bar higher here. Keyword is EASILY. Unbelievable.


435 still has a final trick up its sleeve.

Its soundstage performance is simply unbelievable.

For an IEM, 435 has an extraordinarily wide soundstage, with excellent depth to match.

There's a slight out of the head kind of feel for me, even on a demo.

Miracle has a soundstage performance that is both wide and deep for an IEM, which I personally enjoy and feel that is one of Miracle's forte.

However, (again!), 435 manages to reset the bar with ease; managing to sound both wider and deeper.




435 performs best for Jazz, Classical and the slower paced vocals music. If you listen to these genres of music, 435 has to be on your shortlist if money is not an issue.

The clarity, vocals presentation, treble and soundstage performance is amazing.


However, if you listen to a lot of Pop, Rock or mainstream music, 435 is probably not for you. You might be better off looking at Private 333 or MH335DW.

More gratification to be had there.


Personally, for me right now at this point, 435 is the summit of my IEM audio journey.

It's the best CIEM I've heard in my time till now, and one of the very best CIEM that your money can buy.

I simply can't pay a higher compliment to Suyama San and his team than this.


hope there is a place where i send my impressions to and use paypal, so i get these!!!! you are almost describing what i want man, another problem is the socket, does these use W4r like socket? so i use my Silver Widow cable on them
No it doesn't use westone connectors like the W4R. It uses similar connectors like the HD600/HD650
so is there a way other than flying to Jeben? cause i am located in Dubai :< how can i order these @_@
Nice review and suggests the C435 are very good for Classical music. Did you compare them with K10 regarding soundstage, instruments separation, sound alteration (often on violins play) ??
Cladane, I only heard the K10 once. Memory is fuzzy at best. Only thing I remember about K10 is the smoothness, in fact, it was too smooth for me. Staging wise, K10 cannot hold a candle to 435, which is one of the widest, deepest and most spacious in terms of soundstage I've ever heard.
That's an helpful comment for me. I am comparing with MH335DW SR. Have you heard this one ?
Heard it during Mooks last Dec.
At the expense of being ridiculed by many, here's my personal opinion.

As much as MH335DW isn't my signature, I don't see the point of the SR mod.
SR mod tightens the bass and extends the treble.
If I want a cleaner treble, there's 435 and 333.
If I want a tighter bass, there's MH334.

The SR mod is a neither here nor there product for me, which is perculiar.
Of course, for some, it's a holy grail.
Very interesting comment. So following your mind you would suggest that the C435 is a better CIEM than MH335 SR for Classical music (piano, strings like violins, soundstage from left to right).. ?? The point is that Fitear has informed that they want to stop the C435... Are they going faulty ??
I have not heard any word from Jaben Singapore about Fitear intending to discontinue C435.
In any case, yes, I'd personally go with 435 for classical. Either that or MH334, but MH334 might be slightly too coloured for classical.
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