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FitEar Private C435 Custom In-Ear Monitors - Clarity You Can't Image

A Review On: FitEar Private C435 Custom In-Ear Monitors

FitEar Private C435 Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Pros: Amazing Soundstage, Clarity, Zero-sibiliance, One of a kind sound, Significantly short waiting time.

Cons: Exclusive process to obtain, Price

This is the veteran ex-flagship model from FitEar/須山補聴器 before the Mitsuharu Harada series (MH335DW) was released recently. The C435 is a 4 way crossover configuration, 5 drivers (2 highs, 2 mids 1 low woofer) Custom In-Ear Monitor.


I had my C435 for nearly 3 months now. The waiting period to obtain them was significantly short of 3 weeks.


I knew of this pair of custom through a friend of mine. I wasn't convinced on how good my friend claimed it to be, therefore I decided to head down to Jaben for an audition session for it.


As a guy who loves his treble. The first listening impressions of the C435 was absolutely unbelievable and unreal. How could a pair of earphones have such clarity and soundstage with absolutely NO sibilance? I was literally auditioning it for nearly 3 hours straight in Jaben. I literally spent nearly 2 weeks procrastinating before pulling the trigger.


As Jaben is the only exclusive official retailer I could get a pair of C435 on hands in my country. The awesomeness comes in a giant price tag. It is priced almost 2x of "some" TOTL custom iems, but nearly $80USD cheaper of their current flagship the new MH335DW.



The Sound

If one would could define this beast, It would be "Clarity". Love clarity & vocals but have low sibilance tolerability? Live to listen to the sweet vivid voice of your favorite singers, this will be the ultimate bliss you desire. I would say that the C435 is a more of a Vocal emphasized custom IEM. But don't get me wrong, the lush mids and quality bass is equality smooth. The soundstage is extremely wide and airy.


Personally I am someone who doesn't like too 'fun' or 'warm' sounding bass like the MH335DW & I do not listen to a lot of bass strong music. If you are someone who solely listens to rock/mainstream pop, I will not recommend these to you. The C435 goes extremely well with Ballad and audiophile records.


I actually got a pair of TG334 2 months after I received my C435. Nevertheless, comparing the run-time for both my C435 and TG334. It would be in a ratio 80:20. You really can't get enough of the smooth forward treble of the C435. It is literally an addiction for a treblehead like myself.


I have paired it with a TWag V3 for fitear and personally I didn't like how they sound together.


Currently I am using my C435 with a 001 cable (Don't ask me why not aftermarket cables, so far it sounds best sonically to me. I am someone who cares less about material, and more of the sound) and an AK120. It is the perfect combination to me.


I have an upcoming 000 cable and some Toxic cables which have not arrived yet. Looking forward for cable rolling for my C435 and TG334.


As stated as the title - Clarity You Can't Imagine









so how is the Treble & Mids compared to other CIEMs? bright? 
It excels in Clarity and treble, but amazingly It has nearly zero sibilance. Those who have tried it themselves will know what I am talking about perfectly. Despite at a price like that with no resale value for fitear customs, I still decided to pull the trigger. The one of a kind treblehead custom iem.
what about the mids? are they slightly behind the bass? or the other way around? 
The bass is ever slightly behind the mids. Frankly, it is quite balanced. If you wanted mids slightly behind the bass, then MH334 is what you may want to try.
no Kiats i like my mids to be ahead of the bass , the only problem is ordering these seems to be complicated...
Excellent! Then, this IEM is the one for you. I think you can actually just get your ear impression done at one of Jabens and they may deliver it to you.
Great review here Devil (the last!). One day perhaps I should get the 435
Hello there, I enjoyed reading your reviews on the c435. I myself have auded the c435 at jabens recently. Currently oning a pair of tg334. IMO TG334 is more warm and musical, c435 is leaner with better clarity and treble extension, soundstage wider. 

I notice that you have quite a number of toxic cables. Im very curious as to how the tg334 paired with the sw matches up with the c435 on stock. Does it elevate the tg334 by giving it the treble extension, soundstage and clarity. Able to share your opinions? =D
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