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Real HiFi - in my pocket and my head

A Review On: FitEar MH334 custom in-ear monitor

FitEar MH334 custom in-ear monitor

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Pros: Astounding performance

Cons: Expensive

I've had these for a several months now, I was amazed when I bought them and they continue to amaze me.

I've had my share of Etymotics, Westones and Shures, over the years (and with flights and funds increasing) upgrading through their ranges. I've also been upgrading the sources; having rediscovered mobile music (from Walkman days) with an iPad mini, then various Nanos, then phones.

I bought these last year and they made a massive step-change in what I thought was possible in every sonic aspect vs the previous portable gear I'd owned or heard. They even challenged my main stereo in terms of resolution; both disturbing and impressive at once.

Being so capable, they sent me down the source upgrade route - I velcro'd a Vorzugge Pure amp to my FLAC playing iPhone. Then bought an AK100, and strapped that to the 'Pure - and now I have an AK120.

I can bore you with my impression of the sonics etc; but my point with this story is that these earphones produce better results with every improvement in what I feed them. I'm hearing whole things, not details, in music I've had and loved for decades. Yep, they're bloody expensive for earphones, but I believe they are pretty much future proof; sources will get better faster than these will date - and when they're finally overtaken, it'll be a minor miracle - and probably worth the upgrade price!

I've mentioned elsewhere on here how I preferred these as I felt they were more balanced and neutral (I love big extended bass, but not at the expense of overall balance) than another top end unit I tried, but whatever your preference, I can highly recommend splashing a good proportion of your HiFi budget on really good IEMs. These FitEars get a huge endorsement from me of course - but never mind that, go and spend a mildly embarrassing amount of money on the best earphones you can afford - you'll get over the buyer's remorse after a few tracks!



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