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A really fun budget portable headphone

A Review On: Fischer Audio FA-004

Fischer Audio FA-004

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Pros: attractive, light weight, comfy, great mids, affordable

Cons: rolled off sub bass, less than realistic treble

The Fischer Audio FA-004 is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in an enigma.


This Russian headphone has just garnered attention recently in the Western world.  And, with a selling price of $67 at Bugden Audio, it should hopefully take off as a really viable option for someone looking for a portable, nice sounding set of closed cans at a budget price.


So, what does this cheapy set of cans sound like?  Well, that's the enigma.  They are smallish, barely-circumaural cans.  And, as a result, they simply aren't able to convey the nuances of more expensive and more full-size headphones.  But what they do offer is a sound signature that is tuned to give you a lot of enjoyment.  A sound signature that does a pretty good job of disguising its own shortcomings.  Which are a significant roll-off in the lowest frequencies, and a slightly thin and less than realistic-sounding treble.


These headphones are fairly forward in the mids, and fortunately they have pretty nice sounding mids as well.  They have a slight mid-bass bump to compensate for not reaching those lower frequencies mentioned.  Using the "Heartbeat" track from the headphone test album "Open Your Ears", the final low frequency heartbeats are barely there, with the headhpones giving only the initial impact of the bass note, and hinting at its sustain and decay. 


Another enigma about these FA-004 is that, for a closed headphone, they feel surprisingly open.  They don't have strong clamping force, and don't create a strong seal when worn.  This combined with their light weight makes for a really comfortable headphone that doesn't sound closed off, and doesn't create tons of pressure within the ears.


The imaging and soundstage are both pretty average, but certainly better than any other sub-$100 headphone I've ever heard.


At $67 plus shipping, these really do represent an astonishing value.  They've become the headphones in my work rig, and I'm enjoying them immensely.  They're such a  value that they have piqued my interest in their bigger siblings, the FA-002 and FA-003...


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