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FA and GD need to step the QC and CS UP

A Review On: Fischer Audio DBA-02

Fischer Audio DBA-02

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Pros: Very good sound and not just for $150. Solid 'deep enough' bass, balanced highs and palletable mids. Slightly different flavour to SM3, but not worse

Cons: Flimsy strain relievers and straight plug, bad QC for FA, long order times and shipping. Potential fit issues. May be a bit too bright for some.


Outstanding earphones (read the pros + nice accessories, although the over-the-ear plastic attachments are fiddly), but: extremely flimsy feel/build around the cables, BAD quality control (several people have problems with one ear being louder than the other...Including me), LONG stock order/shipping times from GD and other places (my pair took a month to arrive in stock and 3 weeks to ship, now 2 weeks back for replacement or refund).
FA should scrap some of the dodgy accessories and source a proper 3.5mm plug and some QC people/ a proper QC process.

A lot of people in the DBA thread also have fit issues. Some can't get an easy seal. For others, the angled nozzle pushes into the wall of the ear canal and you can't get proper seal with any tips (well, sort of with foamies, but you'll need to buy foam tips separately, and they still don't quite fit and you walk around with the entire IEM sticking out of your ear.). My pair is basically useless to me, even if one of the drivers wasn't dead.

I'm really not impressed.

PS a 1 page manual explaining how to use the accessories and get a good seal also wouldn't hurt, neither would L/R markings on the earpieces.


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