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Fischer DBA-02

A Review On: Fischer Audio DBA-02

Fischer Audio DBA-02

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Pros: Very transparent - hear the music, not the IEM. Excellent combination of clarity, detail and balanced SQ

Cons: Could use a tiny bit more bass on some tracks.

I am extremely pleased with the Fischer DBA-02's. Their superior SQ right out of the box made them my "go to" IEM for everything.


They seem to have no coloration at all. The music feels completely natural, clear, and full; musical, fun and detailed at the same time. I can hear every component that is creating the music, or just enjoy the total experience.


I have no problems with harsh treble or sibilance, and the bass seems to be just what the recording mix intended. Yeah, I wouldn't mind a few dB more sometimes, but many tracks seem delightfully "bass rich" while still balanced.


They are very comfortable for me and fit with deep insertion. The housings stick almost straight away from my head when fully inserted, but far enough in that most of the blue part of the housing is within my ear. I've been able to sleep with them (but the music is so good that I hate to miss any of it).


There's lots of opinions about the best tips with these, and I've tried everything but Comply tips. I'm of the group that find the OEM single flange best for my ears, but they did get loose on the nozzles after a few months, so I've switched to Shure gray "soft flex" single flanges. Same SQ but much more secure on the nozzles. Shure Olives sounded very similar (and VERY secure on the nozzles - nearly too much so) but I found them less comfortable than silicone tips. Ety tri flanges didn't work for me, even when modded to bi-flange; Shure "large" bi-flanges gave me a decent seal, but seemed more harsh than the single flanges.


I like these so much that I'm buying another pair as backups, since they are so hard to get.

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Re the tips issue: I couldn't get any of the tips to work well for me, not to mention that the ones that did work 'best' were the tri-flange, which would almost always get stuck in my ear, requiring tweezers to remove which isn't too safe when you think about it.
After putting them in the drawer for many many months, I finally picked up some sony epex10a tips.... BRILLIANT! They're extremely firm on the nozzle and the sound quality has improved 110%.
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