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Awesome little thing

A Review On: Fischer Audio DBA-02 Mk II

Fischer Audio DBA-02 Mk II

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Pros: Nice detailed bass, clear mid and high, small and comfortable

Cons: microphonic issue, no neck fit

My first IEM at price range more than USD60


Tired of my last Superlux IEM, I decided to get myself some real stuff,

here in Malaysia, it cost higher than recommended price. But anyway,

worth every penny, couldn't leave a single day without this earphone now.. :P


If u are new to high quality IEM like me, having this definitely worth it


Having A/B this with Phonak Audio 112/ Sony XBA-2.. finally I get this earphone.


Anyway, is short review


Bass (4.6/5)

Bass amount just nice, not too much and not too little. Punchy, fast, very well control, detail and well refined (typical on TWFK driver), not much but have some thunderous rumbling as well, while bass doesn't bleed to high and mids... Loves how bass sounds when listening to Mombassa (Inception OST). Make sure to use right fit to get the right bass.


Mids and High, (4.8/5)

Cover enough details, quite bright, quite forward and less warm, but some percussion (i.e cymbals) sounds better here, Guitar sounds great. But timbre for piano and violin don't sound that nice. Will be nicer for me if it sounds smoother and warmer.


Piano (4/5)

I listen a lot of piano songs, this earphone lacks the rendering of mid and low range of piano sounds, thus affect piano timbre. But it doesn't sound that bad. Now still experimenting with soft EQ to compensate.


Soundstage (4/5)

Airy and wide wide, quite airy(maybe before this spent most of my time with 5.1 logitech), quite high, listening to Ne-Yo tracks seems like he's performing above you.


Microphonics (3/5) *when use supplied earhook (4.5/4)

DBA MKII uses flat wire. fortunately not too thick, but it moves a lot when u jogging or doing some chores, thus some mechanical noise from wire. When I used supplied ear hook, it solves this problem well


Comfort/Wear (4.5/5)

Small, fit perfectly in my ears, Possible to wear longer. My housemate says the sound is not fatiguing


Accessories (4.5/5)

Gracious!! Supplied triple flange, sets of Sony hybrid clone with and without sponge, transparent and normal buds, a carrying bag,earphone clips and ear hook.


Some Notes

Make sure to  use a right bud, it does makes a difference!! especially on bass


Great to the point review.
How would you rate sibilance 1-10?(low is better)
I would rate 4.5. High is strong enough for details, but I really wish if this earphone would sounds lusher and warmer.
Very nice review, mate. I like that I can sit down and read all I need to in just minutes. Well done.
thanks bro, I'm flattered. Glad I've made a review that can be helpfull.
p/s - pair up with govibe martini + or Fiio E11, the sound will be warmer and mids is more expandable (govibe martini).. this small earphone sure have hidden potential!!
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