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Final Audio Design Heaven IV

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #188 in Universal Fit


Pros: Great bass, large soundstage, unique detailed mids

Cons: Highs could have a bit more sparkle but that's really it




Housing - Stainless Steel

Driver - Custom-made Balanced Armature

S.P.L - 112 dB

Impedance - 16 ohms

Cable Length - 1.2m

Weight - 16g




6 Sets of Tips

Steel Carrying Case


Build Quality / Fit


The FAD Heaven IV like the e-Q5 is very well built imo with the stainless steel housing that looks really nice.  They have a flat tangle free cable not unlike Beats that also gives them a nice look, really these are one of the nicest looking IEM's I've had a chance to use.  They have a L shaped plug with the standard gold plated jack.  I've had them get caught and pulled out of my ears and the cables held up great so the build quality of these are quite good.


As for the fit there's really nothing to complain about at all.  With the 2 different style tips they give you its not hard to get a good isolating fit with these, I like the more rounded tips but the others work just as good.  I thought they might get a little heavy feeling after a long listening session because of the steel housing but not so they felt fine after I had them in for about 4 hours.  Like the e-Q5 the don't have the little chin slider that helps you get a more secure fit but since these are worn down you really don't need one imo.  Over all a very nice fitting IEM that can be worn for long periods of time with no problems.


Sound Quality,


Bass - The bass of the Heaven IV was quite shocking to me but in a very good way.  They have the most bass impact and depth I've heard from a single BA by far.  They can compete with they bass of the triple BA TF10 no problem which when you think about is kinda amazing for a small single BA.  The bass is very strong but doesn't over power the mids or treble imo and they sound great with hip hop and edm and I could even see some bass heads that would like the response of the Heaven IV's bass.


Mids - Here's where the Heaven IV stands out from the crowd with a quite unique sounding midrange.  Its hard for me to describe them because I've never heard an IEM with this kind of midrange presentation before.  They have a warm tone with good detail but it feels like theres some extra space in there some how.  I'll listen to the same track with my e-Q5 then with the Heaven IV and say a melodies that sound more distant with the e-Q5 is more forward of the Heaven but not in a mid-centric way, like I said it hard to explain but the coloration they did to the mids works with these.


Highs - Like many other IEM's I've reviewed the highs are a bit more laid back but still have some sparkle when the track calls for it.  Good detail but they might miss out on some of the micro detail that say the R-50 or HF5 can pick up on.  The extension of the treble is good and I can hear it up around the 16 kHz area.


Soundstage - This is another strong point of the Heaven IV with a very spacious sounding soundstage.  They are as wide sounding as the GR07 with the depth and height of the e-Q5 which makes them one of the largest soundstages I've heard from an IEM.  Imaging is quite good but there are sets that do it better but separation is top notch and you can hear every individual instrument and sound from a song.


Conclusion - Over all the FAD Heaven IV is a very nice sounding IEM and in some ways sounds a lot like the e-Q5 with a better bass response and soundstage than most other single BA's.  The mids though is where these differ from every other IEM I've heard and that's not a bad thing at all.  At $198.99 from Musica Acoustic they're are very reasonably priced IEM that I think more people will start looking at for there next IEM purchase.


Pros: Pretty. Beautiful and expansive sound scape.

Cons: Raw detail retrieval isn’t awesome, bit pricey.

Final Audio Heaven IV Quick Review


Thanks to Hifiheadphones for the loan.


Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/742825/final-audio-heaven-iv-review-by-mark2410


Brief:  Final Audio and a case to die for.


Price:  £139 or about US$218 though they seem a bit rare in the US.


Specification:  Driver Type: Custom made balanced armature, Sensitivity: 112dB, Impedance: 16Ω, Cable Length: 1.2m, Weight: 17g per earpiece


Accessories:  6 pairs of white silicone tips, 3 rounded and 3 more conical.  Then of course there is that case.


Build Quality:  Super.  They visually positively drip plush and priemiumness.


Isolation:  Very good.  A bit on the lower side for a BA but still great, enough for most flights and the Tube if needs be.  Oh and do watch out for traffic as you will not hear it with these in.


Comfort/Fit:  Hmm pretty good.  They seemed to want to sit a bit deep but they have a wide nozzle so it was a balancing act.  Mostly fine though.


Aesthetics:  Oooh, all of the pretty.


Sound:  Good.  For a BA they sound massive, a real semblance of scale and space for the music to really breathe.  Vocals are slightly ethereal and have natural feel to them.  I can see why some have found them to be quite mesmerizing.  For me though, it felt like it has lost some of the forwardness and explicit nature of most BA’s.  I won’t say either is “better” but well, I like forward and explicit.  The bass, while again well textured for a BA it lacked real presence and couldn’t keep up with the mids.  The highs, again with a slightly diffuse nature were lovely and airy but, head to head with others their detail levels just weren’t quite as good.  While I can’t say I’ve loved each aspect in a technical sense the whole here is a grand and beautiful soundstage.  Everything feels so very layered and spacious and I can honestly say it’s a beautiful whole.  For a BA the atmosphere created here is slightly mesmerising, the sort of thing you could listen to eyes closed and hear the assemble tableau both before and all around you.  That is where it truly shines.


Value:  Its super pretty and you certainly pay for that.


Pro’s:   Pretty.  Beautiful and expansive sound scape.


Con’s:  Raw detail retrieval isn’t awesome, bit pricey.


Final Audio Design Heaven IV

FI-HE4BVI (Violet) FI-HE4BWH (White) FI-HE4BBK (Black)

Cord TypeFlat
Sound Pressure Level112 dB
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
FI-HE4BBK (Black)
FI-HE4BWH (White)
FI-HE4BVI (Violet)

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