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A Review On: FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player

FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player

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Pros: Capacity, power, battery life and sound quality.

Cons: Could use a better wheel. Interface needs a bit more tuning.

Hello everyone, My late review of the X5 due to PC issues.



Headphones used: AD900X, MDR-F1, HD25-ii, JVC SZ2000, Fischer FA-011, JH16 and FXZ200.



To start with, no pictures since they were all lost along with the review so I will keep it short and sweet.



To begin with, the player feels sold and well built compared to the X3 and should be able to hold its own against the rest of the DAP bunch.


The buttons feel well built and nice to the touch although the wheel could use a more rigid gearing compared to the one it has now as it feels too loose at times.



Moving on to the display, the display seems nice and clear and sufficiently lit to see in the sunlight too very important due to the fact that it will be used outside.


Could use a bit more brightness or maybe its just me going blind.



The layout of the X5 with all its ports and buttons is very easy to use after fiddling with it for 15 minutes and as with most things you can just feel the buttons and do your thing.


So a big benefit for future X5 users as the wont have to deal with esoteric buttons and myriad menus.



Now coming to the most important part, the sound. The Fiio X5 seems fairly well balanced overall with no nasty spikes or unnatural boom.


Just clean and clear audio with no surprises.


The treble is well defined and articulated for a very pleasant presentation, midrange just needs a bit more body but that could possibly be changed by using different headphones.


The bass is just about right with no bloom or looseness. You get tight punchy bass and very good speed/impact for most tracks.


The soundstage is very precise and large though not huge.



I also tested it with my E12DIY and that only helped it to get even better. The E12 adds some more bass impact and punch to the whole sound while helping out with harder to power cans.



The X5 surprised me most however when it came to plugging it in my car and boy oh boy, it was amazing how good it was.


I have a comprehensive triple amp car setup with a HX-D2 headunit,Focal Kevlars, JL Audio sub and sound proofing all around.


The X5 literally was the cheapest piece of kit in the whole setup and it also had the biggest impact.


The whole system seemed to have cleared its throat and the sound was simply mesmerising.


It was crystal clear, sharp and very very enjoyable and seemed to unlock hidden potential in the whole setup.


I still haven't gotten over the fact and will get an X5 just to keep in my car.




To conclude, the X5 is something that is well worth the price and even more importantly for Fiio, a shot across the whole DAP field.


Having owned the X3 and currently running the E12DIY, the X5 pushes Fiio in a newer and bigger direction as I always liked Fiio products (E7,E12 and E18)


but had that nagging feeling that something was missing or not right but not anymore.


The E12DIY and the X5 have progressed Fiio to a higher playing field and everyone else, watch out.


Pardon the formatting, my PC is not helping my case.
haha, I thought I was the only one! With the X5, it's the best my truck has ever sounded! :0)
Hello everyone. I hope you are fine.
I´m new to this fórum and also new to the hifi world.
I Wonder if there will be any notable difference in terms of SQ between the X5 and my current equipment. An IPhone 5 with, Beyers cans DT 250 Premium with the Fiio E12 playing FLAC with tuneshell.
Does it really worth the money?
Thanks for any help.
By the way.... nice review.
Camelogue I think you'll find a noticeable upgrade with the X5. I spent some time with it today and was extremely impressed after coming from an AK100 which outperforms the iPhone sound so the X5 is easily a couple of steps better and may allow you to let go of your E12 for a single device experience.
P.S. Nice review Gill.
Thanks Loquah. It´s exactly what I needed to know.
Good review, looking forward receiving mine.Just found out that I'm going to have to wait another week...