FiiO X3 Portable Music Player Reviews


FiiO X3 Quick Review


Pros: Bargainlishous pricing. Rich organic sound.

Cons: UI and button layout.

FiiO X3 Quick Review   Full Review at   Thanks to Advanced MP3 Player's (AMP3) for the loan.   Brief:  Crazy value DAC/DAP form FiiO.   Price: £159   Specifications:  Link there was so much info I’m linking rather than copying it all out here.   Accessories:  A micro USB cable for data and charging, a 3.5mm jack to coax adapter and a silicon moulded cover/case thingy.   Aesthetics:  Its alright.  I don’t love it, don’t hate it, I really don’t have any particular feelings toward its visuals other than general indifference.   Build: ...
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Feature rich with great performance in a small and affordable package


Pros: Size, functionality, and sound quality

Cons: DAC playback sounds a bit better than standalone playback

Fiio has been around for quite some time, starting with a low cost, entry level amp, the E3.  It became a hot seller, especially with the limited digital audio player (DAP) choices available at the time, and followed-up by the vastly superior E5.  The next several years marked significant growth for Fiio, which has since released many amp and DAC/amps, and finally their first DAPs, the X3.  Recently Fiio released a higher-end DAP, the X5.   SUMMARY The X3 is a high-end full-feature player done right, with the ability to play high-res files from internal memory or as an asynchronous DAC.  Sound quality is a good step up from phones and lower-end players and the...
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Features, Performance, Cost; FiiO


Pros: Cost of the device, universal sound and EQ, features

Cons: UI, Usability, formating problems.

Introduction: FiiO has been a very popular brand in affordable headphone audio accessories for the past few years. Their line out docks, amplifiers, DAC’s, and plenty of other gadgets have redefined what you can get for your money. FiiO has now launched their first DAP, the X3. This player has been in the works for many years now. It was plagued when it started and went on hiatus until 2012 when it was brought back to life. Now in 2013, The X3 is finally here, and many think it will redefine what a $200 DAP can do. It packs physical and software features that fans want at a good price. I wish to thank FiiO for this review sample, now let’s take a look at this audacious unit  ...
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A steal at that price


Pros: good bass with good punch and depth, detailed, excellent PRAT, dynamics and energy, very good attack, natural voices with good texture

Cons: build quality below E12 & e17, some may consider the lack of neutrality a con

FiiO X3 – Review Posted on October 15, 2013by HeadMania Hey guys, I have stressed for some time now on what phone I would get that has decent sound. At first I got the Galaxy S1 that had a Wolfson Dac and combined with Voodoo Sound I got decent playback. Recently I got a Galaxy S4 knowing it has a Wolfson Dac too but I didn’t notice the European version didn’t have it, and I don’t like the sound on it. I didn’t want to go for an Ipod or something similar because It didn’t find them to sound better than my S1 (which i kept just for music). However, recently FiiO released their first portable player, the FiiO X3 ...
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Optimal DAP


Pros: Price/performance, size, functionality, sound&built quality and FiiO service

Cons: formatting and filing problem

Add a high-quality pair of in-ear or on-ear headphones, and you have a complete high-resolution-capable music system wherever you want it.



Pros: bass, separation, depth, power, attack


Hello Im X3...Nothing can Beat me...!!


Pros: Great Overall Music Quality it can satisfy every genre needs

Cons: Not Touch Screen makes Forwarding a little hard

I work with Trance music most ... Before The New released update 3.0 for the thing i wasn't really satisfied with its quality of sound in trance ...but the update Changed everything ,EVERYthing ...! I can actually Hear the Artist Performing Right In my Ears just for me...Down to this I can say X3 With 3.0 update can beat others In every aspect ... If you hear your favorite track and didnt Jumped in the air comment so will do something about it

Fantastic Powerful Portable Audio


Pros: Build Quality, Sound Quality

Cons: Software, GUI, Lack of Playlist Features

Great piece of a media player however there are a few things i'd love to see   * Ability to customize home menu * M3U Support   The device is fantastic. It has great build quality, incredible and very powerful audio quality as expected and it feels very good in the hands. I was surprised by the quality of the physical buttons but not too impressed with the software. It's definitely i'd like to see worked on, it seems like it was just made so the device works and not by an actual designer.



Pros: With Fiio's commitment to quality at low costs, the new X3 is worth every penny. With a 64gb micro sd card it holds almost all my music.

Cons: its not exactly a slouch either. It may have those qualities, but it is on the upper scale in how it reproduces sound by being quite accurate sounding

I had been looking around for a audiophile-grade portable music player, but couldn't find one in the right price range for the features I wanted. This one appeared to fit the bill, so I ordered it. I put a 32gb card into it and downloaded some 24bit 96khz files that I have been using for my home Squeezebox (Transporter) system. I did some listening with my UE earbuds and couldn't believe the sound. The first thing I noticed was the "dark" background - no hiss, no hum, just dead silence. When the music came on, the detail was amazing along with very smooth sound - no boominess in the bass and no harshness in the treble range - just right. I am still trying to figure out how to make an...
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