Nice affordable DAP for beginners (my brief thoughts)

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FiiO X1 Ultraportable Hi-Res DAP

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Pros: price, size, build, ui, sound overall

Cons: missing some more bass impact

First of all, I'd like to thank Fiio for opportunity to test X1 among first.
As long reviews in english isn't really my cup of tea, I'll simply share my brief thoughts about X1

— I really like size of X1. It's like a regular deck of cards (I think everyone will compare X1 with card deck redface.gif). Grab one in hand, and you can got an idea, about holding X1. Navigation buttons are easy accessible with one hand.
— I really like new UI, it's much more logical then X5's "reverse kinematic", it's sleek and fast. I hope we'll see similar UI for X5
— Scroll wheel is bit more stiff then X5 (at least my X5 from first batch), so it's easier to navigate. But more ribbed texture will be better
— Sound-wise, X1 is really good for this price. Of course, his "elder brothers" are more mature, with better details, soundstage and dynamics, but difference isn't "huge". Difference in sound is much smaller then in price smily_headphones1.gif
— Only one thing, that I'm missing, is really energetic bass punch with my Dunu DN-2000, but see below...
— X1 is a perfect pair with E11K, amp adds missing punch and energy, so 'sandwich" with X1 and E11K will be very tasty. Especially, if Fiio going to release stacking kit for them (confirmed by James)

So, thank you very much, Fiio, as usual, great job. I'd like to see, how competitors are going to beat this smily_headphones1.gif

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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95


Thank you for the brief impressions! I am wondering what you thought of the sound compared to more popular devices such as the iPod? 
Nice! Do you know the price for this thing?
Price is meant to be $99 if I recall correctly.
Feilong4, X1 is noticeably better then modern iPods (best iPod was 5.5). X1 offers much better resolution, wider stage and better instruments separation
Hi cleg. Great review. I already have the x3 but I'm still looking for something more portable. I find the sound of the x3 a little dark & warm for me. Will the x1 be a little better in terms of brightness and clarity?
jerryzm, X1 is anyway simpler then X3, so don't expect it will overcome X3. With my headphones, X1 isn't dark, but it's for my taste only. I think you should compare them yourself to decide.
Cleg, I see. Alright I'll just wait for it to come out and try out it. Thanks.
Anyway I did opt for the iPod Touch 64GB as Apple lowered the price,It is beautifull made, kind of stealth  grey, and simple to use. It has Wlan, so I can stream WIMP or any  other,The day that FiiO offers a Wlan inclusive player at a competive price, I will try one
Any comparisons with Cowon's sound?
aaDee, I didn't have any recent Cowons, but my old Cowon J3 sounded much more "colored". On first sight, this sound seems exciting, but then you understand that it's somewhat synthetic. X1 is more natural for me.
iam planning to pair this with e11k and ath-ck9 will it deliver lively sound and punchy bass? 
Momo-chan, I'm not sure, as I didn't hear ATH-CK9, but I assume it will, E11K have a bass bust just in case.
ooops i meant to say e11, will it perform just as well?
I didn't have old E11, so I can't tell anything about it.
Hi Cleg, do you have any idea if these would power the havi b3 pro? I just got a pair and need a DAP for them. People say they're power-hungry...
@phillipwareham, I have no idea, so somebody should try them together.
I was thinking that I would need to save £300+ (approx $330) for a reasonable DAP/AMP setup. Now after seeing this and the price of the E11K, it seems like a very attractive option to me.
What is the size when compared with The Fiio E17? Also what is the max storage? 
@KevinF X1 is a bit smaller then E17. Max storage according to specs — 128 Gb