Good for dedicated music playersunsuitable for connecting mobile phones

A Review On: FiiO L8 Line Out Cable Stereo Right Angle 3.5mm to 3.5mm

FiiO L8 Line Out Cable Stereo Right Angle 3.5mm to 3.5mm

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Pros: Suitable length and flexibility for piggy-backing to player or phone

Cons: Unshielded against EM interference

The L8 is packaged with the FiiO E12, and designed to link the music player's headphone socket to the portable amp's line in. The length and flexibility allows the player and amp to be piggy-backed together with elastic bands and put in a pocket. Unfortunately, if your music player is a mobile phone (mine is a Samsung Galaxy W), in anything other than flight mode, the cable does nothing to protect you from EM interference, audible loud enough to interrupt your listening. You will get 'dee-dah-dah-dee-dee-dee-dee-deet' added to your music every time the phone updates itself. Even holding the phone as far away from the amp as the cable length allows, still does not cure the EM problem. I substituted a 30cm length of double-shielded 3mm cable with right-angle adaptors on each end. Although this particular combination of cables does not fit together very snugly, it did cure the EM problem, even when the phone and amp are back to back. The EM shielding problem is therefore attributable to the L8.


Just to clear this up for you, the L8 is not included with the E12. The L8 is an improved version of the stock cable. That could be very misleading to some people, so please be careful.
Yes, that is true, somehow it is still useless against the interference noise coming from the Fiio E12.