Struggling to hear any SQ improvement ...

A Review On: FiiO E9 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Dock for E7 USB DAC

FiiO E9 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Dock for E7 USB DAC

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Pros: Sleek design, quality finish

Cons: Either my L3 is faulty or the E9 jack ports are not a good fit.

I am struggling to discern any improvement in the SQ of my headphones HD598 and K702.  They are amped by the just out of the box E7 & E9 respectively.  Any o, improvement I will say improvement is only to boost the bass performance by a fraction (E7 on +1) and volume  (E7 by 10%) by circa 20%.


I prefer the K702 & HD598 sound signature unamped (ie without the E7). Clarity is marginally compromised with a hint of hiss and color on E7 especially, but which has graciously rolled off highs. E9 provides a lot more power. Both enrich the bass for contemporary rock music, etc.


But then without much comparison (and I am fussy) I'd thought that both my cans already sounded really good.The biggest disappointment & dealbreaker however, is the poor connectivity at the line out dock. Increasingly so.                 Does anyone else  share the same issue.?





It is often suggested to burn in new audio equipment, be it headphones or in your case a DAC and an amp. I suggest at least 50 hours of burn and your E9 should start to really open up and the improvements begin to become quite noticable. As for the L3 issue, are you having trouble with the 3.5mm line in input in the back of the amp? Or, is the trouble with the 3.5mm headphone out in the front? Or something else entirely?
You're supposed to use the E9+E7 combo through USB w/ a computer, not through a LOD. If you use a LOD you're not even using the DAC section of your E7.
@D-P: Thanks for that. There is hope yet! It sounded rather open already but I'll give it a go. I suspect the culprit could be the L3 or the Line In at the back of the amp. Those holes (E7/E9) look a lot bigger than Apple (iPod, iPhones) holes. But I think the L3 could have something to do with it too, the slightest nudge or twist, compromises connection. I shall have to isolate the cause with some tests. Any suggestions...need to access an L3 equiv - that should do the trick
@clams: enlightening ... I have yet to use the computer as source. will give it a try. but what is the LOD for then? I got the E7 primarily as a "portable" hp amp, I presumed the L3 was for connecting the E7 to the portable sources, iphone, ipac, i-...
It is for portable sources. However, it is also to be used as a DAC through USB which is optimal because the iPod's built in DAC is absolute crap. Plugging your E9 with E7 docked will allow you to use the E7 DAC with the E9's amplifier which allows you to power more demanding phones. The L3 is for portable use only. The E9 can adequately drive the K701. The E7 is pathetically bad at driving these phones. I personally didn't actually hear my pair of K702s adequately driven until I used the Matrix M-stage
I wouldn't worry about burn in too much burn in as the changes are subtle.
If you were using the E9 and E7 correctly you can not use the bass boost or volume functions of the E7.