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FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier Reviews


Substantially changed the way I listened to music


Pros: Deep, rich music. Truly changes the way I experience sound

Cons: USB cord is slightly bulky, manual and controls are poorly written/have bad interface

When looking for a dac/amp, everyone recommended the Fiio E7. It's a small, compact combo, and is extremely good. So far, I have found it to be stellar. When using my ATH M50's, the sounds truly change. Coming from a computer without a sound card (only a measly sound chip), the difference was stunning. I repeatedly compared my music without the dac/amp and with it, and I can say it is absolutely worth the 50 dollars I spent on it.  Extremely satisfied with my purchase, the only confusing thing is the poorly translated manual. 

Good for the money and beginners


Pros: Cheap, good overall quality, durability

I bought this little device a long time ago and have never done a review on it. Surprising.    Sound quality is quite good, it wont beat dedicated desktop setups, but in reality its a very small difference between them. E7 vs My 2012 Macbook Air is easily noticeable. Even if im not paying attention, the air has a good amount of feedback when playing or just having my earbuds in. Its noticeable on all of my headphones. The fiio sounds completely silent up until 50+ volume on my sensitive IEMs. And at that point your at noise deafening volumes, I accidentally plugged my IEMs in when the volume was at 60, never made that mistake again. Seriously was worried I had destroyed my...
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E7 with AKG K550


Pros: Cheap, good volume, no hiss(32ohm), nice eq & really good upgrade from Laptop

Cons: Could do with a better gain when plugged into MP3, no quick lock

Wanted an improvement over my onboard laptop mess.   No interference, hiss (from 32ohm), very quick connection, good volume.   Bass reproduction on EQ Bass1 is spot on with my AKG K550.  Stereo seperation seems spot on and the general tone is much more appealing through the E7 in comparison to onboard laptop sound.   The bass and quality of sound is the most promonent improvement over laptop on board sound.

First dedicated headphone amp; VERY impressed


Pros: Awesome build quality, stylish, small, loud, great battery life, OLED display, dual headphone outputs

Cons: Poor EQ

The FiiO E7 is a wonderful device.    It is a combo USB DAC and portable headphone amplifier unit. It has a 1-inch OLED display and a simple but good menu system. The screen is bright and vibrant, and looks very nice.   It has a high-end Wolfson DAC chip, and the audio sounds much cleaner than out of my laptop.   The amp has quite a bit of power behind it: 150mW/channel into 16 ohms. It drives my AKG K240 Studios very well without breaking a sweat. It even has the balls to drive my Pioneer SE-700s to listenable volumes with no distortion. That's extremely impressive; these headphones were designed to be driven from speaker taps.   The only thing...
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Fiio E7 Review


Pros: Great Pricepoint, reasonable DAC/AMP

Cons: Sounds a little closed in, only 16/48

Well, after almost a month with my E7, I figured It was time to give it a good review. This was my first DAC/AMP (paired with the E9) so I don't have much to compare it to, except an auditioned schiit asgard.    Build Quality and Appearance (8/10)-    Appearance isn't an area that generally matters that much to me, but the anodized aluminum ( did I get that right?) finish was a VERY nice touch the OLED screen was bright, but not necessarily good in sunlight.    The build quality overall is very nice as well. All of the screws are very secure, no rattling there. The buttons are tight and seem nice to the push, very sturdy. the glass on the screen...
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Perfect multi-purpose device


Pros: quality, price, design, controls, durability

Cons: none

Main feature of Fiio E7 - it's multi-purpose usage possibilities. USB DAC and portable headphone amp in one compact and small body. Specially I'd like to mention following: Design. It's really nice and stylish Long operation on one charge Perfect sound (really like it) Good control I'm actually using E7 in two ways. First, like a portable amp for my iPod Nano, together with Mee A151 and Grado SR125i. But I think I'll use Fiio E6 now for that, it's much more portable, but sound really good (little worth then E7). Second usage - I'm using it together with my MacBook Pro with perfect player Decibel. When used in hog mode - E7 sounds much better then built-in...
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Fiio E7


Pros: Silent, Step up in SQ over my Pioneer VSX-918V

Cons: Price, Volume/Power, Shelf-Battery Life

I'm happy with this for my purposes.  I use a LOD as well, which may account for some SQ improvements.  When I listen to music from my Desktops HD Audio out (Gigabyte UD3R) it is more silent with better clarity coming through this (E7) than my Pioneer VSX-918V(Receiver).  This was a surprise to me.  Of course my receiver can put out much more volume, than this but my headphones (Senn. HD 280) can't take that much power so they sound best through the E7.  Of course the E7 also seems to remove so bass as well; it cleans up the bass as well but reduces it.   **I use a headphone jack from my desktop to the E7, and an optical cable from my desktop to the...
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Good alternative to laptop sound


Pros: Powerful amp, Well built

Cons: Interface

This little amp has plenty of juice and is a good replacement for dodgy laptop sound. Just don't expect it to outperform more expensive DACs, soundcards and amps because it won't. The interface is a bit irritating and I find myself wishing it had a volume knob, not just buttons. I find it hard to figure out which button is which without looking at it. Generally though, it seems pretty solidly built, so no complaints there, although one of the jacks on mine has always been a bit iffy. Sound is reasonable, a little bit of extra bass and a lot more clarity when compared with my onboard sound. I'd also probably say it sounds better than my Sansa Clip+. Clearly outperformed by a better DAC or...
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E7 - first AMP/DAC - good entry level value


Pros: Clean SQ (dac), good build quality, value, versatility

Cons: Bass boost can be boomy, tends to be cold/analytical, can sound a little 'thin'

This is my first AMP/DAC, so unfortunately I don't have anything to compare it with. I'm also using a mid-range set of Shure IEM's (SE420) and a lower range set of Sennheiser eh250 cans. For a source, I have a Cowon iAudio7, an iPod Touch 4G, and the PC just has a Realtek onboard sound chip. It didn't make a huge difference as an amp - but the dac is quite clean and better than my netbook's integrated audio. To be honest, there isn't a great deal of difference with my main PC's integrated onboard though. The design of the E7 is very simple. It matches up with my iPod Touch 4G really well for size (I also bought the L3 LOD). The controls are very simply and easy to use. The tactile...
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Fiio e7


Pros: Great for portable use!

Cons: Not the Greatest amp that can be used

This is a great little powerful amp for powering headphones that need a little extra boost. This has a built in DAC which is really useful and increases the sound quality of music. For being a portable amp, it is one of the most user-friendly and best amps for traveling without alot of connections and setup. Especially for those who dont know much about audio set-ups this is a great device.
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