Sounded great ..... When it was working. FIIO does not stand behind their products.

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Pros: Excellent sound quality and amplification for a cheep price

Cons: Customer support and warranty policy is awful, FIIO does not stand behind their products. Poor quality.

I purchased a E7 with the intention of using it as a headphone amp/dac with my iPod and to use as a dac with my laptop running Audioengine A5+ powered speakers using the optional FIIO L7 line out doc to connect my laptop to the E7. The whole system worked great for about 3 months, but then for some reason the E7 stopped working with my laptop,,,,,still would work with the iPod, but utilizing the DAC with my powered speakers completely stopped working.

I went through the process of going to FIIOs online support but they would not help me in a normal fashion, and pretty much refused to help me through email. Instead they forwarded me a pre-recorded BS response and sent me a ridiculous online form which required me to fill out a huge amount of redundant info I already sent them, I had to actually photocopy my drivers license and attach it to the form...then fill out a bunch of additional crap, save and email the docs to their "support" group.

After all this hassle and time, a day later they sent me another pre-recorded email which basically indicated that they did not even read the stupid form I spent 30 minutes filling out for them. It was clearly a total waste of my time, and it was obvious they read nothing I originally sent them, nor did they look at the stupid form I filled out. In a nutshell FIIOs only response was that I had to send my E7 to their China support center at my own expense, plus they said there was no guarantee they would be able to fix the unit and BTW, it could take up to two months to hear back from them...Huh? We'll at that point I just gave up on FIIO.

It would have been nice if they gave me some advice on what my problem was, offered some troubleshooting tips. Better yet just let me trade out the unit or give me a credit to by another E7. Just Something that made me feel like I was talking to another human being or a company that cared about customer service, In the end I received nothing but disappointment from this company.


Sorry to hear about your terrible experience, but rating the product at 1/2 a star just because you're angry at their customer support doesn't do the reviewing system here on headfi any good.
It is an area that we often overlook, but the reviews here only look at the product qualities.
Your overall score doesn't reflect your product opinions and should be amended.
You should at least calm down and give a fair review.
I think this is a fair review. If I had this same situation i'd give it a half star too
I may seem harsh, but in all honesty customer service and product support is very important to a lot of people. I realize products break, malfunction, etc, but when they do under a reasonable warranty timeframe, the company should buck up and stand behind their product. I think I am being fair in that: 1) I owned the product 3 months and it failed. 2) I attempted to seek support and FIIO jerked me around, wasted my time and did not stand behind the product.

Similarly, I own a pair of Monoprice 8323 headphones. The plastic that holds on of the speakers cracked after a drop. I emailed Monoprice, they sent me a brand new pair within a few days and did not even ask for the broken ones back, all they asked was I take a picture of the broken product. Nor did they charge me for shipping. Because of this, I would rate the Monoprice even higher than normal due to their excellent customer service model.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for the feedback.
Ok, so 1/2 star may have been too harsh, so just to keep things fair, and because it sounded great when it worked I raised it to two stars :-)