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A Review On: FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: quality, price, design, controls, durability

Cons: none

Main feature of Fiio E7 - it's multi-purpose usage possibilities. USB DAC and portable headphone amp in one compact and small body.

Specially I'd like to mention following:

  • Design. It's really nice and stylish
  • Long operation on one charge
  • Perfect sound (really like it)
  • Good control

I'm actually using E7 in two ways. First, like a portable amp for my iPod Nano, together with Mee A151 and Grado SR125i. But I think I'll use Fiio E6 now for that, it's much more portable, but sound really good (little worth then E7).
Second usage - I'm using it together with my MacBook Pro with perfect player Decibel. When used in hog mode - E7 sounds much better then built-in audio-card, especially with Grados.

Also E7 gives nice bass boost with EQ. It doesn't trash sound like all software EQ does, but gives very nice and soft impact for bass and lower mids. It's especially noticeable on brass.

So cost-wise, this DAC/amp is outstanding.



Few photos (cant's embed them, so just links):



Really? I noticed practically no difference between my on board. If this does anything it makes my headphones louder. It's good though if you want to bypass your on board though but i feel it is not needed. I use mine because my on board audio is incredibly quiet.
It does great on older PCs/laptops since most older onboard audio chips are really noisy.
The E7, imo, sounds very clear and neutral. The only thing lacking is a volume knob...
bcasey25raptor, thank you for comment, I'll update my review a little bit, describing what and how I'm listening to.
why do you use them with the A151, does it help bring out the treble?
I've used it with A151 mainly for test purposes. Yes, it's normalizing treble a bit, but for me A151's treble was good even without it.