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A Review On: FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Silent, Step up in SQ over my Pioneer VSX-918V

Cons: Price, Volume/Power, Shelf-Battery Life

I'm happy with this for my purposes.  I use a LOD as well, which may account for some SQ improvements.  When I listen to music from my Desktops HD Audio out (Gigabyte UD3R) it is more silent with better clarity coming through this (E7) than my Pioneer VSX-918V(Receiver).  This was a surprise to me.  Of course my receiver can put out much more volume, than this but my headphones (Senn. HD 280) can't take that much power so they sound best through the E7.  Of course the E7 also seems to remove so bass as well; it cleans up the bass as well but reduces it.


**I use a headphone jack from my desktop to the E7, and an optical cable from my desktop to the Pioneer.  I also have a Radeon 5870 graphics card that has hdmi out that carries hd audio.  This has a closer SQ level when compared with the E7 but it still is not as silent.  


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