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FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier Reviews

Positive Reviews


New today - couldn't be more pleased!


Pros: Reasonable - works as advertised - no hassle setup!

Cons: Scratched plastic over display (corrected - see text)

Received new FiiO E7 today from Micca in Fairfax, Va (hi ex-neighbor - used to live in Arlington.)   Did much reading on this forum and other reviews and truly appreciate the candid and (sometimes) brutal thoughts of recent purchasers.  After just a few hours experience, can only share my first impressions - all of which are positive.   Unpacked, reviewed instruction sheet, plugged in USB connector to a Sony notebook running W7.  The Sony found the E7 and loaded its driver, all on its own.  Then, put in classical CD and connected my recentlly acquired Senn HD 650's.  Results:  Wow Wow and Wow!  Maybe a $1000 amp could sound better, but to my older (74) ears, the sound was the best I've...
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Amazing Fiio E7


Pros: Music is fuller, crisp, instruments are clearly seperated and represented. Great overall value.

Cons: Non so far.

What can I say about this device. It is simply fantastic and for the price you can't beat it I say. I currently use this with my Sennheiser IE8's, Bose IE2's and in my car connected to my stereo and it makes all the difference in the world with all 3 of these devices. I haven't figured out how to use it to bypass my sound card in my computer but I will soon. I know for sure its better than my Xi-Fi card from creative and that alone is a very high end card for a computer. I notice when using the Fiio with all my devices my music sounds fuller, more detailed, crisp in all aspects, highs, mids,lows, bass.   Things that I didn't notice before are clearly apparent now and the...
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Fiio E7 Review


Pros: Price, quality, sound, versatility,long battery life,small size

Cons: None

  I Love this product!  I currently use it at work and home as a USB DAC for my computer. I aslo use it on the go with my iphone via a Fiio's LOD3 cable.  It sounds great from all my sources!  I currently only use it with my Earsonic SM3's IEM's. But what's so cool is that in the future if I want to get power hungry full size cans for home use all I have to do is get Fiio's E9 desktop amp which has a port for the E7 and i'm all set! The E7 is completely silent, no hiss whatsover.  It has a smooth non-colored high end sound, I don't even find the need to EQ my source when i'm plugged into the E7.  The bass boost is cool, although I...
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Negative Reviews


it sounds worse then my onboard


Pros: durable, has an amp

Cons: sounds worse then my onboard and ipod.

ok everyone i am probably going to get hate for this but i should have ordered the grado sr60s instead. my conexant hd audio sound on my laptop is obviously onboard. from the opinion and belief of people on head-fi is that onboard is terrible. they recommended i buy the fiio e7. so i got $200 for a graduation present and decided to get a fiio e7. i was certain it would make a difference as everyone has been praising it. so after 8 days it arrives. i am so excited to hear what i have been missing. i quickly plug it in and let it charge a bit. i plug my shure srh840 in and at first (placebo effect) i think they sound phenomenal. then after a few songs i plugged my shure srh840 into my...
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Good Old dac/amp when it works


Pros: 80 Hour battery,Portable,Bass sound good at times,Fits in pocket/laptop bag.

Cons: usb receiver limiting the bit rate minor con, bass some times not clean.Have a habbit of dying.

The E7 uses a wolfson Wm8740 for its Digital-To-Analog convertor (dac), The Amp section uses the AD8692 and TPA6130A as Pre- and power amps. The dac does supports higher bit rates, but it due to the usb receiver chip only supports up to16 bit/48kHz. The device gets its power from the usb port or the dock port if it is docked into the E9. The charge last 80 hours when you’re not using it with any power sources.   The Amp section headphone Impedance Range is 16ohm-300, the output power is 150mW @ 16ohms and 16mW at 300@, the E7 amp section works very well with my DT770 pro-80s. The Fiio E7 is one of the older line ups that been replaced by the newer models. It has Two Headphone...
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Sounded great ..... When it was working. FIIO does not stand behind their products.


Pros: Excellent sound quality and amplification for a cheep price

Cons: Customer support and warranty policy is awful, FIIO does not stand behind their products. Poor quality.

I purchased a E7 with the intention of using it as a headphone amp/dac with my iPod and to use as a dac with my laptop running Audioengine A5+ powered speakers using the optional FIIO L7 line out doc to connect my laptop to the E7. The whole system worked great for about 3 months, but then for some reason the E7 stopped working with my laptop,,,,,still would work with the iPod, but utilizing the DAC with my powered speakers completely stopped working. I went through the process of going to FIIOs online support but they would not help me in a normal fashion, and pretty much refused to help me through email. Instead they forwarded me a pre-recorded BS response and sent me a ridiculous...
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More Reviews


It's the E7, what can I say?


Pros: Build quality, display, two headphone connections, accessories, sound quality, power, clarity, bass boost, battery life

Cons: Distortion as a DAC with multiple audio sources, has to be rebooted. Charging while used causes slight whining on high effinency 'phones

I'll be comparing it with the intergrated chipset in my laptop (Realtek AC'97) and the Nokia X6 phone with and without E7 as an amp, using AKG K 272 HD, Sony XB-500 and Sennheiser CX-300 and Audio Pro Addon One active speakers with a Tangent Evo E8 active subwoofer. Although I was skeptic whether something from DealExtreme could sound nice or not, I was quite pleasantly surprised. E7 USB DAC vs. Realtek AC'97: Hands down, pants down, the winner is E7. No noise (don't own any really high effinency IEMs or the such but anyway), faster, more detailed lows and very clear and well extending highs in comparison. Compared to the headphone jack in my laptop there just seems to be way...
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THE best DAC-AMP solution for budget audiophile


Pros: Good warm sound with Wolfson WM8740 soundsignature, Good stand portable amp, variable bass boost, long battery life, sturdy construction, 2 line out

Cons: Soundstage and Instruments separation could be better, after years of use can begin to have hardware problem, no firmware updates

I have the Fiio E7 since 2 years and he's alsways at my side when I open my computer to play music trough Amarra Symphony software. This little Dac-Amp never deceive me and the first time I try it it wasn't a placebo effect that make me step off of my chair and yeal: ******* SOUND GOOD!   As a matter of fact, it was the beginning of a confuse quest about the meaning of a DAC. Before that I wasn't sure it can change drastically the sound, but this was because I wasn't listening the music but just feeling it, wich should be the way to listen to music, but when you develop curiosity for all the frequencies range and their interaction in an acoustical imagery you became as this...
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"best things comes in small packages"; Couldn't be more right!


Pros: Great amp/dac combo, Easy/no installation, Robust, Excellent price/quality

Cons: Thickness makes it a bit unappealing for portable use

Oh the wonders this little box can do! The compact yet powerful Fiio E7 is everything you could ask from a 99$ DAC/amp. After installing the drivers, you're good to go. It gives your music a great dynamic range. Using it on my Ultrasone Pro 900, with the different bass setting, a "+2" on the bass EQ truly makes the Ultrasone nature stand out.  This little thing can drive deep, impactful bass with ease. I rarely, if ever, go past 25. It's a great improvement from my on-board audio card. I don't find myself using it with my Ipod, the thickness of it makes it a bit unappealing, Perhaps I need bigger pockets! This little box made a great improvement, and I recommend it to...
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Solves the problems of poor PC audio


Pros: Good sound. Easy and simple to use. No noise. Easily drives very low impedance earphones.

Cons: Limited to 16-bit 32/44.1/48 KHz streams.

I'm in the UK. I bought this as a boxed ex-demo unit with warranty from a FiiO retailer for £39.99 which is US $64.65 or €47.40 I bought this because my PC's integrated audio is frustratingly bad and other solutions and workarounds were not ideal: My PC's analogue line out is noisy (electrical interference) and the headphone output is even worse. It can't drive very low impedance headphones such as my Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Earphones It hasn't the power to nicely drive slightly less sensitive earphones such as Koss KSC75. It does have SPDIF optical output and this connects to my ancient Yamaha Home Theatre receiver and sounds great, but that also has high output impedance and so...
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Substantially changed the way I listened to music


Pros: Deep, rich music. Truly changes the way I experience sound

Cons: USB cord is slightly bulky, manual and controls are poorly written/have bad interface

When looking for a dac/amp, everyone recommended the Fiio E7. It's a small, compact combo, and is extremely good. So far, I have found it to be stellar. When using my ATH M50's, the sounds truly change. Coming from a computer without a sound card (only a measly sound chip), the difference was stunning. I repeatedly compared my music without the dac/amp and with it, and I can say it is absolutely worth the 50 dollars I spent on it.  Extremely satisfied with my purchase, the only confusing thing is the poorly translated manual. 

Good for the money and beginners


Pros: Cheap, good overall quality, durability

I bought this little device a long time ago and have never done a review on it. Surprising.    Sound quality is quite good, it wont beat dedicated desktop setups, but in reality its a very small difference between them. E7 vs My 2012 Macbook Air is easily noticeable. Even if im not paying attention, the air has a good amount of feedback when playing or just having my earbuds in. Its noticeable on all of my headphones. The fiio sounds completely silent up until 50+ volume on my sensitive IEMs. And at that point your at noise deafening volumes, I accidentally plugged my IEMs in when the volume was at 60, never made that mistake again. Seriously was worried I had destroyed my...
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E7 with AKG K550


Pros: Cheap, good volume, no hiss(32ohm), nice eq & really good upgrade from Laptop

Cons: Could do with a better gain when plugged into MP3, no quick lock

Wanted an improvement over my onboard laptop mess.   No interference, hiss (from 32ohm), very quick connection, good volume.   Bass reproduction on EQ Bass1 is spot on with my AKG K550.  Stereo seperation seems spot on and the general tone is much more appealing through the E7 in comparison to onboard laptop sound.   The bass and quality of sound is the most promonent improvement over laptop on board sound.

First dedicated headphone amp; VERY impressed


Pros: Awesome build quality, stylish, small, loud, great battery life, OLED display, dual headphone outputs

Cons: Poor EQ

The FiiO E7 is a wonderful device.    It is a combo USB DAC and portable headphone amplifier unit. It has a 1-inch OLED display and a simple but good menu system. The screen is bright and vibrant, and looks very nice.   It has a high-end Wolfson DAC chip, and the audio sounds much cleaner than out of my laptop.   The amp has quite a bit of power behind it: 150mW/channel into 16 ohms. It drives my AKG K240 Studios very well without breaking a sweat. It even has the balls to drive my Pioneer SE-700s to listenable volumes with no distortion. That's extremely impressive; these headphones were designed to be driven from speaker taps.   The only thing...
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Fiio E7 Review


Pros: Great Pricepoint, reasonable DAC/AMP

Cons: Sounds a little closed in, only 16/48

Well, after almost a month with my E7, I figured It was time to give it a good review. This was my first DAC/AMP (paired with the E9) so I don't have much to compare it to, except an auditioned schiit asgard.    Build Quality and Appearance (8/10)-    Appearance isn't an area that generally matters that much to me, but the anodized aluminum ( did I get that right?) finish was a VERY nice touch the OLED screen was bright, but not necessarily good in sunlight.    The build quality overall is very nice as well. All of the screws are very secure, no rattling there. The buttons are tight and seem nice to the push, very sturdy. the glass on the screen...
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Perfect multi-purpose device


Pros: quality, price, design, controls, durability

Cons: none

Main feature of Fiio E7 - it's multi-purpose usage possibilities. USB DAC and portable headphone amp in one compact and small body. Specially I'd like to mention following: Design. It's really nice and stylish Long operation on one charge Perfect sound (really like it) Good control I'm actually using E7 in two ways. First, like a portable amp for my iPod Nano, together with Mee A151 and Grado SR125i. But I think I'll use Fiio E6 now for that, it's much more portable, but sound really good (little worth then E7). Second usage - I'm using it together with my MacBook Pro with perfect player Decibel. When used in hog mode - E7 sounds much better then built-in...
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