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Don't Take My Word for It

A Review On: Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Small, Portable, Easy to Use, Strong Battery Life

Cons: Only 3 presets

It's an entry level amp, so I wasn't expecting too much. I must say it does add a bit to what I was hearing and does change the way I hear many albums. I love the thing, but I feel like I will upgrade in the near future.


It's a good little volume boost for harder to drive cans since it's frequency response is almost flat.
I love mine. Still not sure whether or not it's a fake as I got very conflicting feedback from FiiO. But used for my gym rig it definitely makes my music fun. :-)
These are not good for your Iphone and also not worth $35.00 that they are selling on amazon. There is a review of them on lifehacker and are not recommended for Iphone or Itouch. You wont notice much of a difference.
@Frankrizzo- On an Ipod touch with an LOD, it cuts the output impedance from about 7.5ohms to .25, which can make a difference in lower impedance headphones, and its nice to have since my Ipod can't drive my Q701s or HD428s loud enough without an amp
I used them for my iPod and there was a huge difference. That said, I'm never content and always upgrading. I just got the E17 and it is fantastic.
in an accident i have lost my 85% hearing hearing in my one ear...and other ear normal..
i am a gamer n play counter strike 1.6...
at full window sound i can listen very thin sound from my damaged ear..
i need a very very loud amplification for my 85% hearing loss..so i can enjoy my gaming..
can this amp. can so loudness...?
I must say, I was not expecting this many comments on this. The amp can definitely produce volume. That is for sure. It's good for what it is, but I have had the E17 for a while now, and while they are on entirely different stages, I must say I am happy with my investment.
I use this with a Shuffle out on my bike, with IEM's, and it adds a lot to them. Well worth the money
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