Nice pretty little amp

A Review On: Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: good sound, small size, long battery life, nice design, good EQ

Cons: maybe it would be better in metal

Nice successor of famous Fiio E5. Totally redesigned. Now it's all plastic, but weight reduced about 2 times. And it doesn't looking like iPod Shuffle now. 

Also now it have more flexible EQ, able not only boost bass, but do more work.


Combinig with steal-like price and nice overall design - it still have outstanding sound, as E5 does.

So it's really worth buying option.


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Interesting Amp.
But personally I really did not like the E5 because it produces a LOT of background static that grows a lot louder when upping the volume. This problem seems to be typical because many reviewers write about it.
I really hope they fixed this by using different hardware, then it might be a great little amp
I've listened E6 with lots of headphones (Superlux 668B, Mee A151, Mee CC51, Woodes Vintage) on highest volume (risking my ears ), but I didn't find any noticable noise or static.