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A Review On: Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Great value for money

Cons: Lacks a lot of detail found in higher end amps(E11). EQ1 muddies sound.

Like ^ I bought the E6 amp on a whim to try out, it kinda came in a bundle with the Feels Pro 900 and Hippo Boom from Jaben. To tell the truth, the bundled in-ears did not synergise with the amp at all, details were lacking and the sound was pretty muddy to me even when i set it flat. It does better with headphones of course and is able to make my m50's sound better. It made the soundstage more natural and wider than that of my Iphone(duh anythings better than that :3).


However it is not as detailed as the E11 which I bought before the E6. Also, while the EQ2 options and EQ3 are pretty nice EQ functions of the amp, EQ1 itself was down right terrible, it was muddy and any vocals where pretty much drowned out unlike the E11's bass EQ. It could be my bias since I do not have drum instrumentals and rock, EQ1 could have probably done better. 


Overall I think the E6 is a good little portable amp, great little design, average amping with some detail loss. Good to use with the more affordable side of headphones where they tend to be more bass overkill. Probably would have thought better of it if I ever used the E7 or E5 amps. 


Just to let peeps know

EQ1 bass boost

EQ2 +db(forgot how much)

EQ3 -3db


Yeah EQ1 is horrible, I should have mentioned that in my review too.

But EQ2 is actually a bass boost as well, just not as extreme as EQ1.
in an accident i have lost my 85% hearing hearing in my one ear...and other ear normal..
i am a gamer n play counter strike 1.6...
at full window sound i can listen very thin sound from my damaged ear..
i need a very very loud amplification for my 85% hearing loss..so i can enjoy my gaming..
can this amp. can so loudness...?
@Niravana das : i dont know...sure its loud, but its not "o dear god my ears are gonna blow up" loud....