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Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best Under 50$


Pros: Sound Quality, EQ options

Cons: Build quality, EQ1 Unusable

I got the Fiio e6 as a replacement for my previous Digizoid zo. Boy, was i blown away. The fiio, for a 30$ amp, does things which I have not seen in even some 300$ amplifiers.   The Build quality in the e6 is below average. The volume rocker is really creaky and the bass boost button is really easy to press. The all plastic construction makes it really light(16g) butsacrifices on the build of the amp. Its also a fingerprint magnet.   The circuitary inside the e6 is top notch. The inside compensates for the outside.(Pardon the pun ;) ) There are three modes on the fiio. EQ1,EQ2, and EQ3. The first eq Increases the bass by about 8.5db. The second EQ, which i found to be...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: small

Cons: died in just a few months

3 of the 5 cables it shipped with failed within days. The distributor replaced with an L cable of surpassing quality, but soon after that the damn thing stopped working altogether. Shoddy workmanship all around. Highly disappointed.

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Good for the Price, But Only Just


Pros: Compact, Two bass boost settings, Decent audio quality

Cons: Build quality downgrade, Low power output, Bass boost a little overbearing

  The evolution of the E5 portable amplifier that served as my very first portable amplifier before I eventually returned it in favor of the CMoyBB (and because the volume rocker broke), the Fiio E6 is, in some ways, little more than a sidegrade or de-evolution from the E5 as a total product. For instance, the E6 is now clad in shiny black plastic rather than the metal and plastic housing of the E5 and also lacks the sturdy metal clip of the E5, instead opting for a transparent plastic clip which, frankly, isn’t as good. In terms of sound quality, it actually sounds rather good for an amplifier as inexpensive as it is. It has a warm, smooth sound that, while prone to...
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An Entry Level Performer


Pros: Decent audio performance, great form factor

Cons: Annoying high pitch whine while charging sometimes, didn't feel too durable and mine broke.

The Fiio E6, in all honesty, fulfilled basically my portable amp needs. It has more voltage output than my portable media players. It fit very nicely in my pocket. From a portable usability standpoint, it was great.   My main issues were from attempting to use it as a temporary desktop amp. One thing is that, although it can charge and play at the same time, it was obviously not designed to do so. There would be common high pitched whines in the music when it did this. Furthermore, the battery charges at seemingly random points when it is left plugged in and would wear out the battery over time. Although it was usable as a stopgap desktop amp, it was very poor at doing that...
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great micro amp for portable use.


Pros: 2 eq modes and a 2v input, mini usb plug, clip on.

Cons: friction welded case, small battery.

works fairly well and is a pretty cheap entry into micro dacs. it does what it needs to right for what its worth. the friction welded case is horrible though as i have dropped my amp on the cement and it exploded into pieces. slight his if you try to use it while charging. 

Not so good for very efficient headphones


Pros: Really light and efficient

Cons: Can clip the soudstage

I bought this little guy for I could not bear the V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Gunmetal Black) sound signature (everybody makes mistakes right?). While they are the most comfy headphones I got, the bass overshadowed every part of the mids. They also eat a lot of battery power for a 32 ohms headphone. Luckily I could survive this purchasing mistake due to the help of the little FIIO E6 which I bought after some research for its EQ options and the possibility of using a FiiO L3 Line Out Dock (LOD) Cable For iPod and iPhone so no battery will be drained from the power hungry V-Modas. I found that the third setting, the blue colored led option boosted the...
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Don't Take My Word for It


Pros: Small, Portable, Easy to Use, Strong Battery Life

Cons: Only 3 presets

It's an entry level amp, so I wasn't expecting too much. I must say it does add a bit to what I was hearing and does change the way I hear many albums. I love the thing, but I feel like I will upgrade in the near future.

Great little amp!


Pros: Good Sound, Nice Size, Best Bang for Buck

Love it.  Perfect size.  Attached it with velcro to the back of my Sansa Clip Zip, and can almost forget it is there. I reccomend it to anyone needing a small amp or who are just getting into headphone amps to start with.

powerful thing at a attractive price and value


Pros: powerful enough for most headphones, clear enough for casual listeners

Cons: creates some static but should be noticable on sensitive IEM's, case could be better

Sound the sound quality was without fault that i could find. to my ear it improved the soundstage by a bit, improved the clarity by a bit and improved the power by alot. in conjunction with the L9 and an ipod nano 6g i absolutely love how it sounds. i am a basshead so naturally i searched for a way to upload a custom eq to my ipod so don't really use the amp eq but my favorite eq on the amp would be the blue as it adds bass without distorting it. the red eq i found to be muddy and i did not like it very much at all. that said if you use it with an ipod i think that the eq isn't worth much noting. it is however great for bassheads because the increased power is just what my ears had...
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Must Have


Pros: Small, Smooth Natrual Clean EQ, cheap, Great Bass Boost

Cons: Hisses with Low Volume input, only great bass boost

A great buy, very affordable and the bass boost is noticeable but doesn't muddy the sound at all. Has "High Gain" Eq Mode, which is great for those High Contrast songs you forgot to delete off your Source. Looks nice and is very portable.

Not bad for the size


Pros: Portable, works, and is actually usable

Cons: Feels cheap, EQ1 is unusable

I used this with my Beyerdynamic 860 and Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10.  It works and does a great job for most music giving it a more full range of sound.  I have tried it in my PC headphone out and mainly with my T989 Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as on an iPhone.  Depending on the quality and type of music you will want to use EQ2, EQ3 or no EQ.  EQ1 is a joke but the others have given much to the range of sound any device puts out not to mention it makes it significantly louder.  For $25 I cannot complain, doesn't do as well as when I listen through my AVR525 but it is portable, cheap, and rechargeable.  

Great Amplifier for on the go.


Pros: Portable, Detailed sound, can drive speakers!

Cons: Plastic, EQ1 is horrible.

Kind of an interesting story. I was stuck with a bootstrap configuration in order to record a quick jam session and after we finished we wanted to hear it back. However, all I had was a pair of headphones and this amp and the mac's speakers are just horrid. Luckily we got some older computer speakers from my friends office, although it was missing the power supply. Amazingly, after plugging them into this amplifier, I could get it loud enough so we could hear. Anyways, It's a neat little amp and comes close to out perform my modded RCA amplifier. It's saved me more often in situations were more volume or clarity is needed, and is well worth the $20. However, it can't drive 250Ohm 770...
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