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FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier Reviews


MP3s sounded almost like FLACs


Pros: Sleek, Inexpensive, Easy to use, Bang-For-Buck

Cons: Simply none.

Made my Philips SHE9701 & Grado iGi sounded much sweet than I used to hear. A Bang-For-Buck for everyone.   Tested it with some speakers (just for fun). Sounded awesome on Altec Lansing VS4621 & Scythe KroCraft.

Fii0 E5

The Fiio E5 is a good amp for anyone looking for a small and portable solution. The only problem I have with is when you are moving the divice there is a lot a distortion and do not use in with a smart phone when you receive calls this amp go crazy start beeping, and this is really painful to your ears. Overall I would recommend  this amp to anyone who when small, lightweight, travel friendly and budget friendly amp to anyone who is starting into amp. ""GOOD""

Nice Bass Boost


Pros: Increased Volume, Increase Bass

Cons: Bass boost can sound bloated

For 20 bucks, it isn't a bad piece of kit. Nice little volume boost, added bass kick to my SRH440s. Really can't go wrong if you want something tiny, portable and have a bass light set of cans or IEMs.   The only con I really have with it, is that the volume down button is VERY close to the headphone out jack. If you have a set of phones that have a large plug the minus button can be hard to hit. Other then that it's a nice little starter portable amp. Now it lives in my car, to boost my phone going into my AUX in jack, which is very quiet.



Pros: quality, power, sleek

Cons: you kidding? Its perfect.

end of story. Best $25 I've ever spent on audio equipment. EVERYONE needs one of these.   PS - I would sacrifice baby dolphins to this thing if it had a quality DAC in it. Its that good.

Good amp for such little price...


Pros: Price, Portability, Quality

Cons: No low battery warning

I have had this amp for some time now and it's pretty great for the price I paid for it. Battery is pretty decent. I don't really use the Bass Boost feature much because I feel like it's too much... but it can also be the Bose OE/MIE2i that I have used with it. No real complains other than when the battery dies, it simply dies. No low battery warning, nothing at all. Can be charged using any USB port (wall chargers are faster).

makes my shure srh840 headphones sound godly


Pros: boosts volume and bass, excellent sound quality

Cons: slight hiss on quiet songs, had to order online

the fiio e5 is excellent value and is my first headphone amplifier. i bought my shure srh840 around early march and wasn't 100% satisfied so i wanted an amplifier. i didn't listen to everyone when they said my headphones wouldn't benefit and i was right to do so. these improve both the treble and bass. also it allows me to play louder without a degradation in sound quality. i also ordered a fiio l3 lod which makes it sound crisper with my ipod classic. i think everyone on head-fi should try this a tleast once.

Fiio E5 Amazing Performance For Very Little Money


Pros: Dirt cheap, Increases maximum volume and bass significantly, long battery life, small, light, strong slip, nice styling

Cons: minor at this price: low quality cables, not many in this price range and size

Got for using with my I9000GT and ATH-M50. I found that sometimes I wanted more bass and a slightly higher volume with some songs. The Fiio E5 solved this problem, for next to no money, hardly any extra weight or bulkiness either.

does its job

gives my re0 a little more "ummph". love it for the size, rechargeability, sleekness, clip.

pleasantly surprised


Pros: cheap, long battery life, usb rechargeable

Cons: Kinda weak, improves performance but there are better amps

cheap, long battery life, does its job.   Can't drive nice headphones, but excellent for earbuds or lowend over ears   worth the $$   but I would personally recomend the PA2V2, only 60$ and considerably better. 
Prog Rock Man

Little Wonder


Pros: Tough, very small and light, excellent sound

Cons: None

  Got myself a FiiO E5 portable headphone amplifier for a long bus and ferry trip. It was £14.44 delivered,  including a car charger from mp3amplifier on Amazon.. I then went a bit daft (maybe, read on) and also bought a line out dock (LOD) to connect the ipod to the amp from ebay seller saradam62, search iphone line out dock with cable, for £19.99 including delivery.    The E5 is tiny, seriously tiny and very light, see the pictures. It has a solid metal casing and a clip which fits nicely through the belt slits on  my soft ipod cover.   The built in lithium battery charges with a supplied USB cable to connect to a PC or via the car charger. A charge should last 20 hours....
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