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A Review On: FiiO E18 KUNLUN Android Phone USB DAC & AMP

FiiO E18 KUNLUN Android Phone USB DAC & AMP

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Pros: Powerful amp with low distortion and many uses good sound quality

Cons: not compatible with most android devices without usb audio player pro app

This is my first review on head fi so here we go. So I bought the fiio e18 to use with my Samson sr850 headphones and my Toshiba excite pure tablet and I must say I am enjoying every moment of my music with this device. Although I had to buy USB audio player pro to use it because my tablet does not support audio to USB out it was well worth it. With this device I can turn up the volume when I need it and use the bass boost for fun and it also gives my Samson's a major push which is something my tablet could not do. 

I use 320 kbps music and I listen to mostly dubstep and with this amp/DAC my music has never sounded the same. For the price I think it is well worth it for starter audiophile like me although my headphones are not exactly audiophile they come very close especially with this device. For anyone who is just starting out and wants a killer experience with their android device this is the amp/DAC to get. You will not regret it but also make sure to only use high bitrate music and mid fi headphones to really get a kick otherwise you are wasting your money. I also want to add that in my opinion this amp/DAC is more for headphones that have a less colored sound so if you are expecting it to alter the sound don't be surprised because this amp/DAC is ment to just give the headphones a more accurate rendering of the music. Being said that I don't own a fiio Alpen e17 but I think the Alpen e17 would go better with a more fun headphone because of the bass and treble settings. I think that's why the fiio e18 has less settings and more focus on its inner qualities.


So you like it yet you give it 3.5? Whats the point?
That was a mistake. The fiio e18 is an amazing product with all it's features and will satisfy anyone at this price range.
...and it is compatible with most Android phones without the USB AP pro. I've never used that app on any of mine phones , yet the DAC/Amp always worked as it should.Granted this is an old review things do change!