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Better than expected

A Review On: FiiO E17

FiiO E17

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This review is mainly for the DAC part only with L7. Mostly in comparison to my Schiit Modi. Just a few random things to note:


  • Sounds flat with a touch of warmth. Actually, just slightly more than a touch. It wouldn't be my first choice as a budget DAC if I was using just an HD-650. It seems OK for the K702 Anniversary. Based on memory, the HRT MSII seemed warmer sounding.
  • Everything is nice and full sounding in comparison to my Schiit Modi (doesn't mean it's better). The Modi is a bit thinner, but clearer and with a larger soundstage. Detail seems about the same.
  • Sometimes it sounds very very slightly muffled in comparison to the Modi. Possibly just placebo or just due to it being warmer.
  • Some bad/garbage tracks can be more fatiguing compared to my Modi. I think mostly in the lower mids only. Both measure flat, but Modi sounds smoother.
  • The bass is really good! Doesn't seem emphasized at all. It did on the E10 and I have no clue why.
  • I don't really notice any treble roll-off at all. Apparently there is some when just used as a DAC.
  • Works very well with my Xbox 360 using the Optical Connection. It even seems to drive the Q701 well enough for gaming.
  • Sounded a tad congested or almost too warm when used with the HD-650 (DAC only). Probably just my weird preferences.
  • I really disliked the E10, but felt this is pretty good.
  • The Modi sounds better overall to me, but this has some nice minor coloration so it's a keeper.
  • I have not really tried many headphones for this with the built in amp. It sounded OK with the Q701.
  • Way smaller than I expected!
  • Very musical (not excessively colored or anything).
  • I bought this because I love the Wolfson DAC in my Ipod Classic 3G (monochrome!). This sounds pretty close in sound signature, but even better!
  • Does not ever sound "cold and analytical". I hate anything that sounds that way. My Ipod Touch 2G sounds like that, but the ODAC and Modi did not. The Magni DID.
  • Should be good for anything but the warmest sounding headphones.
  • Might have some slight emphasis in the lower mids (not as much as the E10). Still flat though, don't ask me how.
  • Second best Fiio product i've tried so far. Not a fan of the E7, E10 or E11, but do like the E9 and E5. Wish I never sold the E9!


How do you use its DAC part(not the amp) separately?
Great review! Wish this little DAC/AMP had a lower floor noise with really sensitive iems though!
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