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Unbeatable at the price

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FiiO E17

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Have tried many headphone DAC/Amps in the £50 - 200 range and nothing comes close to the resolving, enjoyale nature of this bit of kit. Western manufacturers should take note. Quality, performance and a great price point can all exist together! :) Had mine for almost a year now and have no intention of letting it go...


Out of curiosity, what other DAC/amps have you tried?
Hey, have tried an Arcam rPAC, Musical Fidelity M1, Graham Slee Novo fed from an audiolab MDAC, iBasso Cobra, Schiit Audio Lyr fed from a Wadia DAC. Also more but I cannot remember them! :)
I'm planning to get this peace of gear as my first audio venturing. I ordered the Beyerdynamic T5p and plan on using it with it. Connected to my mac and iphone/ipod. But I will first do sum good listening without any amp or other hardware.The big reason I’m getting it is after reading a article you can find googling “FiiO E7 USB DAC & Amp objective review” I always like to ad words like “objective review” to my search. Because I can tell you one thing for sure. The more I read a bout a product to more contradictions about it I find. So there is no other way than to go objective on the sucker hahahah…!!I decided (for the moment) NOT to get any gear that I can’t sample / hear without a objective review.I would have liked to hear my T5p’s before I got them ..But there was no store that has them !So when they get in I hope I like them.. ! Thanks again for you review. I really like a review from someone that doesn’t let price color his opinion..I think if you tell a lot of audio guys that this peace of kit costs 3 times more they would like it more and respect it probably hahahha!!!
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