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FiiO: As cheap as it gets

A Review On: FiiO E17

FiiO E17

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Pros: Neutral. Multi-function. Solid built.

Cons: Nothing extraordinary or impressive. Just did it job fine.

I've owned E7 before, and had a Centrance DacPort LX. Well, E17 fits the bill to be the value buy (Over here Audio gears are expensive).


Sound Quality: Nothing impressive. Just plainly neutral with slightly rolled off treble. Not as energetic as the previous Dacport LX. Doesn't like to mess with the bass/treble boost functions. As an amp, it's quite powerful. Can drive my T70 (250 Ohm) with ease (my comfortable listening volume is at 45, minimal gain).


Built: Tough as tank, solid. Love the LED, looks classy. Quite bulky.


Features: Lots of features available. Bass/Treble Boost, channel configuration (left right +/- gain), is portable with built-in battery inside. Lots of optional connectivity (coax, usb, aux-in) and also DAC part supports up to 24/96 on USB (well, even the screen will show the playing song's bitrate info).


Value: Considered one of the cheaper and versatile DAC/Amp combo. Great for on-the-go audiophiles.

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I'm planning to get this peace of gear as my first audio venturing. I ordered the Beyerdynamic T5p and plan on using it with it. Connected to my mac and iphone/ipod. But I will first do sum good listening without any amp or other hardware. I do have to say I do not agree with the rolled off treble being stated here.
There is no objective data to back this up. As a matter of fact there is a article on the web about the FiiO E7 showing the E7 to be a pretty good device.. The Fiio E17 is an updated version. And most of the internal hardware is the same… Just do a google of this “FiiO E7 USB DAC & Amp objective review “ I always like to ad words like “objective review” to my search. Because I can tell you one thing for sure. The more I read a bout a product to more contradictions about it I find. So there is no other way than to go objective on the sucker hahahah…!! Wel i still enjoy Head-Fi review’s and articles.. Good job. !
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