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Another Outstanding Product from Fiio

A Review On: FiiO E17

FiiO E17

Rated # 2 in Amp/DACs
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Pros: individual bass/treble adjustments,charge and play,DAC,optical input,digital analog input,usb input,charge bypass,beautiful display

Cons: bass eq isn't as good as e11,digital volume controls

I just wanted to touch on the basics with the pros and cons listed here and give it the ratings it deserves.  Briefly I will say that this thing is an absolute bargain for what it can do and the build quality is absolutely superb.  It's one of those products that you're happy you purchased.  The only weak spot I've found in this device is the bass EQ.  I prefer the bass EQ on the E11 over the E17 as it has more of a natural curve to it where the E17 seems to be a bit more abrupt.  Even with that, this is still an outstanding amplifier.  To get all my thoughts, check out my written and video reviews here:




Good review, ive seen you on youtube with that nice background with the sleeping dogs lol
LOL - yeah, they're the real stars of the show. Thanks for the compliment. I need to port more of the reviews over here - I think I just get lazy with updating all the places (including my own website!).
lol yeah you should post more reviews here and post links to your youtube reviews
Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphone Amplifiers › Amp/DACs › FiiO E17 › Reviews › headphonereview's Review