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FiiO E17

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Pros: An excellent alternative to the computer user wanting something different to an internal sound card!

Cons: No cons because it does exactly what I want it do and some!

I was looking for a new sound card after I was left wanting with my 3 year old Creative XFI Music.


I was doing alot of reading about other various sound cards like the Asus St/Creative XFI but wasn't satisfied with the research.


Then I started to see what other alternatives there was so I was reading up on external dacs/amps.


I stumbled on to something, something that I never really heard about especially within my computer circles. Fiio is a company supposedly makes decent sound for a decent price. So I read on.


So Fiio had me hooked and I was really interested, I was trying to find out more about these things. I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who could tell me if they went in this direction and was satisfied.


I couldn't find much that I could relate to, so I took the plunge!


I ordered mine through ebay, a local supplier had literally just come in.


In the two day wait I was still reading up on the Fiio E17 and admittedly still nervous at my purchase.


On the second day of ordering I had come home from work and found a package on the kitchen table, nerves were gone and a sea of excitement washed over me like it was my birthday or like christmas!


I took my time unboxing it and took a deep breath and installed the Fiio.


With everything connected I switched on my PC and waited for Windows to load.


Still abit nervous I stared at the screen as windows booted up, then there it was...'Windows detects new device, installing drivers'...omg 'will it?!'...'Device successfully installed, Fiio E17 detected!'. Houston we have lift off!


I was very happy that even such a little step as windows detecting it and installed without having to go online to grab a driver or stick in a CD made me sure and proud of this product!


Ok, so I change my settings for the computer to use the Fiio and now it was time to see what this little black box can do! Just before playing any music I thought 'Will this sound any better than my Xtreme Music', I mean the XFI Xtreme was a great card right?


Well all I can say was OMFG! I played FLAC version of Whitney Houston 'I have nothing'. I remember I was saying comments (Out loud) 'The sound is amzaing', 'It's so clear!'.


I was absolutely engulfed in the music, it wasn't hiding or lacking in anyway it was right there pouring through my AT AD700's like liquid, saucy, hot fudge carmel sundee.


I just felt great after my first sitting with the Fiio, it met the expectations of what had read and most importantly it met my expectations. I was blowin away by the Fiio and I made me think what the hell have I been doing all this time with a Creative XFI Xtreme, I mean seriously I was really getting angry at Creative for hyping up and releasing these 'poor' sound cards. But then i realized I was be angry at myself for perhaps not looking outside the square abit, I mean if everyone stopped buying Creative and bought something else then maybe Creative might go back to the drawing board and build something really decent. Anyway I digress.


Last point I want to put out there to any PC owner who was in the same position as me. Yes I game with this thing! And you know what? It does it well and I don't miss the Xtreme Music at all! I never used the CMSS 3d function and I mainly ran the thing in 'Entertainment' mode. The Fiio sounds fantastic in games and I have not had one single crash or sound problem with it! I was really surprised when I first played BF3 that the sound was awesome, twice as better than the Xtreme Music!


Ok that is it for me, I've had the Fiio for over a month now and it has settled in fine! The second night I had it, I pulled out the Xtreme Music and 'Dismantled' all Creatives bloatware crap/drivers. Sound wise my sound system/PC is complete! Search is over!


Thank you!


Nice review. Thanks for posting!
Glad to hear to like them :). I just bought this with a pair of athM50's online today and they should arrive tomorrow sometime. I am excited as I have been wanting better headphones for some time. Actually my old setup was just a pair of broken, held together with sticky tape, headphones that were uncomfortable. I bought these for gaming, watching movies and listening to music so I hope I am impressed. I am excited, but I want to be wowed also so it is reassuring reviews such as yours that make me even more excited.

Thanks Noodle, still to this day I stand by what I wrote about the Fiio E17! It is with a doubt the best money I've spent on my computer rig.
Speaking of gaming, I was playing Diablo 3 last night through the Fiio E17 and my ATH AD700! It was phenominal, all sound settings maxed out.
I believe through my experience that you will be 'Wowed' by your new gear, the M50's are very respected here and abroad and the Fiio E17 is Boss!
Heres a review for you to read from a very different source!
http://www.trustedreviews.com/fiio-e17_Portable-Audio_review - After reading this, I was feeling very Smug! :))
Let us know how you go with your new gear, very interested to hear your thoughts!
Okay I will update you when I get to test it out for a bit. It is at home today waiting for me but I am in class still :P. I just got Diablo 3 as well and the music sounded epic haha.
Hey I just got the FiiO E17 and my ATH M50's a few days ago and I am loving the sound quality :). I am listening to Daft Punk's Discovery album in FLAC right now and wow it is awesome. Played Diablo 3 before as well and it sounded really good.
Thats great news noodle, I hope you got the 'Wow' factor you were hoping for (I know I did!).
Diablo 3 sound/music is very fine quality work (Credit to Blizzard), I love the SFX in the game!
I've just gotten some new cans last week and in the process of testing/burning them in whcih I might do a review very soon.
I've been reading through the Fischer Audio reviews and found the FA 003's!
Also, I'll be picking up a toslink cable soon to test out the optical spdif of the Fiio E17 to see if there is any difference between USB vs Optical!
again, Congrats on your new headphone/sound system noodle!
What impact does these amp have on the soundstage of your headphones ?
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