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FiiO E17 Reviews


I enjoy this portable DAC/AMP Combo


Pros: Good Sound Quality, Durable, Small, Decent Battery

Cons: EQ Control, Buttons/Menu

I have been using the E17 "Alpen" every day for over a year now.  It is my go-to device for enjoying music at work, or anywhere other than my home office.  So, here are my thoughts:   Build quality   This was the first thing I noticed when I unboxed the device.  Brushed metal casing felt very durable, and after this past year of daily use, still looks almost new.  I think it looks great.   Controls and Battery Life   The screen on the E17 is most simply stated as utilitarian.  It's bright, it works, and it's not going to win any design awards.  The buttons are the same.  Menu navigation feels a little bit clumsy, but after a...
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Unbeatable at the price

Have tried many headphone DAC/Amps in the £50 - 200 range and nothing comes close to the resolving, enjoyale nature of this bit of kit. Western manufacturers should take note. Quality, performance and a great price point can all exist together! :) Had mine for almost a year now and have no intention of letting it go...

An excellent value, multi-functional DAC and/or headphone amp


Pros: Great performance/price ratio; multifunctional; large number of audio input options

Cons: Not the best option for those wanting a pristine and highly-detailed sound; some crackling/distortion when using with Mac computers

  I picked up a FiiO E17 when en route Germany to stay there for the 2012 Christmas period and the early days of 2013. I wanted to do some video editing work and listen to music when over there but didn't want to be without the stalwart reference quality Lavry DA10 which I didn't want to travel with on that occassion, so I decided to give the E17 a try.   Prior to owning the E17 I owned the FiiO E7, which was my first DAC and one I enjoyed very much, though wanting a more neutral sound than the E7 provided I upgraded from it. Since buying the E17 a few years after owning the E7, I was initially very impressed with the relatively more neutral-sounding E17, an...
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Great entry level DAC and headphone amplifier


Pros: Elegant and compact design, solid build, plenty of features, tonally balanced and pleasant sound, great value for money

Cons: No significant cons at this price, battery could last longer, nothing extraordinary- just does its job right

  Design and Build   Even though the FiiO E17 is quite a low-cost product or you can even say an entry level one, the DAC has a solid build and elegant design. The brushed finish looks stylish without being anything plain simple or too pompous. Overall E17 looks and feels great considering its small size that comfortably fits in your palm or with the iPod or smartphone in your pocket.   The buttons are solid and feel good quality so one need not worry about wearing them off to the point of breaking or getting stuck. The OLED screen is a nice addition to the e17 and the information that it displays is exactly what you need making it very convenient to use without...
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Does what it's supposed to


Pros: Clear, good imaging, nice small mobile setup

Cons: Paint wears out quickly, Equalizer sounds a bit digital

Let's get the negative out of the way first... I've owned two products made by Fiio: the E11 and the E17, and both fail to impress me. Maybe it's because I'm just not sensitive enough to hear the real difference, maybe it's the synergy with my other equipment, but I've owned a couple of devices, headphones and stereo equipment and where each and every single one of them had a charm of their own these just don't cut it for me.  The high ratings I've given them however, tell the story of a small pocket-sized device that I took with me to school, in the train, on the bus, my friends even holidays in France! And everywhere it always did what it's supposed to:...
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FiiO: As cheap as it gets


Pros: Neutral. Multi-function. Solid built.

Cons: Nothing extraordinary or impressive. Just did it job fine.

I've owned E7 before, and had a Centrance DacPort LX. Well, E17 fits the bill to be the value buy (Over here Audio gears are expensive).   Sound Quality: Nothing impressive. Just plainly neutral with slightly rolled off treble. Not as energetic as the previous Dacport LX. Doesn't like to mess with the bass/treble boost functions. As an amp, it's quite powerful. Can drive my T70 (250 Ohm) with ease (my comfortable listening volume is at 45, minimal gain).   Built: Tough as tank, solid. Love the LED, looks classy. Quite bulky.   Features: Lots of features available. Bass/Treble Boost, channel configuration (left right +/- gain), is portable with built-in battery...
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What a difference it makes


Pros: Sounds 100 times better than onboard audio, portable, built in equalizer, nice interface.

Cons: None that I can think of

Well, this is my first amp and DAC, but I can tell you that if you have some decent headphones and are just plugging it straight in your PC, you're doing it terribly wrong! It just sounds so much better with this lil' guy.   I got it with the cable to connect it to your iPod so that I can have awesome audio on the road too.   Maybe it'd be nice to be able to equalize the mids too, but you can just lower the treble and bass to raise the mids, technically.

Extremely pleased


Pros: power, sound quality

Cons: eq, screen burn in

I am a budget audiophile, I am not interested in carrying around different headsets for different genres, I wanted a well rounded set up for my office. I docked in the E09 amp, and drive some big Vmodas. I def hear an improvement over stock audio from my Alienware on flacs and even Spotify premium. More power is less distortion as a general rule.   I have the unit itself at 40 for the volume, and it is burning in a little on the screen, but no biggie. I will def get the new one that is all Android. I would like a little more than bass/treble, but it is pretty good.   Samsung phones have a pretty good audio app already, same with Android in general, but I like mating this to...
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Perfect if used with E11 as well.


Pros: Lighter, tighter and more dynamic than the E11.

Cons: Mongo-menu

You need another amp to dig out the darkest tightest bass if you love LOUD music. But it´s a very cheap and ok thing to own. With the E11 I´m only using the amp, but that combo is eminent. Can´t understand why, because E11 sucks by itself.   Rock on Coke

My Reference standard for portable Headphone amps thus far.


Pros: Outstanding ergonomics and unimpeachable performance.

Cons: None, charge could last longer.

I use this Headphone amp with my V-Moda M-100's.  The 100's are just too "dark" without something to mitigate on the top octave's behalf.  The OLED display is bright clean and easy to read.  (A plus, for not a kid anymore folks like me.)   The charge lasts roughly fifteen hours, which is more than enough for most situations, but it's the one area where my Samuels P-51 reigns supreme.  (Well, that and maybe a just slightly more beautiful midrange.  I try to avoid terms like "liquidity", but the Samuels draws your attention to how good mids can sound, and that's a great thing to have with the right phones.  I hope to eventually get an SR-71b or a Shadow,...
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