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A Review On: FiiO E12 Mont Blanc

FiiO E12 Mont Blanc

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Pros: amazing construction, neutral sounding, and it comes with many accessories.

Cons: may not have the sound signature everybody likes.

If anybody has read my reviews than you know that I'm not an audiophile whatsoever, I just enjoy listening to music and I love audio and how it works. So let's start off the review, So this is my first headphone amplifier, and I heard its a Good model to start with so I went with this model the e12.
I must say I do notice a difference in sound performance using a headphone amplifier, rather then using a normal output jack on a regular mp3 device. The build quality on this device is amazing, it's constructed out of a very strong metal, I honestly have no complaints on the construction on this device whatsoever, 
So no complaint there. And the features on this mini device is pretty cool, there's a bass boost on the side of the device for those who enjoy that sound, and there's also a cross feed feature you can turn on, It mixes the channels in both ear cups so its more of an even sound stage in both ear cups. So there's no different sound in just one ear cups, you'll be able to hear it in both the ear cups. The gain switch allows the amplification to actually take place. This device can output an impediance up to 300 ohms, This can pretty much power any headphone in the world, well almost any headphone.
The sound signature on this is fenominal I must say, I can't even explain how well this device allows headphones to sound, its just breath taking I must say. The fiio mont blanc e12 has more of a natural sound Signature, and that's pretty surprising because fiio is a company known for having a warm sound signature, but the Fiio e12 doesn't follow down that path, it has more of a flat sound, creating a natural sound; I myself prefer that, but some people may not like that, some people might like more of a warm sound, but the e12 doesn't really excel with a warm sound signature. But overall I honestly liked it and I've had a terrific music listening experience I must say. So this is my review of the fiio e12 Mont blanc portable headphone amplifier.

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In real life all audio sources hit both ears, and differences in timing are what your brain uses to determine positioning. With headphones each ear receives different sound entirely, which leads to feeling like the music is playing from inside your head. It can also be irritating when, for example, a guitar solo is playing in your right ear and the left ear has nothing to compensate.
Crossfeeding attempts to alleviate that problem by mixing audio into the opposite channel with a slight delay and reduced volume. 
I know that you want to play around with gain so that you get a good amount of amplification without introducing clipping or background hiss, but I'm not entirely sure how that all works.
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