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Probably the best budget audio amp out there!

A Review On: FiiO E11

FiiO E11

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Lifted Andreas
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Pros: Adds a great body and HiFi feel to the sound. Light and portable. Great soundstage and stereo separation. Bass adjuster.

Cons: Poor battery life. Plastic construction feels cheap. Dock cables are a tad expensive.

Great amp for the money, in my view best FiiO has done.

This is my first amp and really I'm quite shocked at how much the sound quality can improve by just carrying one extra little box.

Battery life and construction could have been improved, but of course that in turn would have added more weight.

I'm sure I will try the E17 in the future, but for now E11 is amazing and fits my needs perfectly. biggrin.gif

I'm actually considering buying another one for backup, they are on offer at an amazing price at the moment on Amazon:


How does it compare to the E7? Or the E17?
The E7 is cheaper and is more focused on quality. The E11 is focused on gain, and compromises in many areas to achieve that extra gain.
At least, that's what I've been told.
E7 is also a DAC which means it can be used with your PC or Laptop. E11 is purely for portable ampliftication, and has better sound quality according to many reports.

My guess is that the E17 is a step up from E11, so it will be my upgrade sometime next year. For now I'm so happy with my E11 that I'm gonna buy another one next week.
Do you have a link for a cable that would connect this to my Galaxy S4? ThanksĀ 
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