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FiiO E11

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Pros: rechargeable battery, great bass boost, plenty of power, outstanding price/performance ratio,rotary volume

Cons: can't charge and play, cover is a little thin,doesn't come with LOD cable

For a complete in-depth review you can hit my page where I've gone over this in detail.  I just wanted to list the pros and cons above and leave my feedback here with the star ratings so it can be added to everyone else's opinions.  For the record though, I don't think there's a better price/performance portable headphone amplifier on the market.  Just a crazy good value for a rich and powerful sounding amplifier.




So this would be a better amp than the fiio e7? in terms of sound quality
I've not had a chance to listen to the E7, but I do have the E17 and I do slightly prefer the E11 over the E17 in terms of sound quality, especially if you take the bass EQ into account. Otherwise, the E17 is a great amp/DAC in its own respect and I would imagine the E7 would be similar seeing as how the E17 is replacing the E7.
does the bass boost have a higher quality than the muddy bass boost of the e6? Is it larger?
No question - the E11 is heads and tails better than the E6. I've not done a full writeup of the E6 as of yet but it's really not even close. The bass is controlled and also the boost doesn't leak into the midrange on EQ 1. EQ 2 bleeds into the mids just a tad and in some cases is too much for some headphones to handle. But, there's no question that the E11 is a superior amp. Is it worth 2x the price? In my opinion yes.
ok, do you still require to turn on graphical equalizer in your music apps with iPhones or any software equalizer when listening with this device ?
I don't use any EQ other than what's on the E11 when it's plugged in - partly because the headphones I use don't really require any EQ'ing and occasionally I just want a nice bass boost and the E11 provides all that I want!
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