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Fiio E11 - Brilliant and Cheap

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FiiO E11

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TDB Jaster
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Pros: Nice Build, Brilliant Bass, Over-The-Top Volume Control, Ease of Use, Long Battery Life

Cons: May Destroy your ears if you turn it up too quick

Relatively short review, but here goes. (I'm using the Ratings as a Section Template)

NOTE: This is the only amp I have ever owned, so it may be biased!



I bought this amp about a year ago now, and I must say first off that it is fantastic! People say that the FA-003 doesn't need amping, but I really felt a difference immediately after plugging it in.


It's as if the sound just became clearer and had more power. It was really quite astounding for someone like me, who has never used an amp before this one.


As a bonus! It has a bass control. It's not that customisable, it's only OFF, 1, 2. But I find it to be more than enough. I practically never use the 2 setting (that's for bassheads, i'd say), but I do like to use the 1 setting when I want more "Oomph"

The bass that is added is well done as well - it doesn't muddle the rest of your music at all!


-Build Quality-

The first thing you will notice about this amp is that it is mostly made of metal. It's not going to break easily. The only thing that may be fragile is the jack. The jack broke for me after about 4 months constant use - Granted it was in my pocket and I wasn't exactly protecting it, so overall, i was careless!


I actually tried throwing mine, after the jack broke, on the floor with moderate power. Nothing really happened; some of the plastic got scratched a bit and it lost a bit of paint, but apart from that it was intact.

All in all. This thing is a TANK! (as long as you aren't careless with the jack - I recommend an angle adapter if you're using a full-sized set with an un-angled plug)



Let's be honest, this thing is beautiful. It's sleek, has neutral colours, and the shape of it is brilliant for travel. It's a little bit smaller than the average smartphone, but it's about the same thickness (In fact, mine was mistaken for a phone twice.)

There's not much more to say - The design is eternal and beautiful.



This thing costs nothing. Not in comparison to what it gives, anyway. Spending the $65 on this vs. Spending an extra $65 on a headphone - I would say that the FiiO wins most of those battles. It just adds so much life to your music!


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