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Very nice entry level DAC/Amp

A Review On: FiiO E10

FiiO E10

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Pros: Sound, Bass Boost, USB Power/Connect, Gain Switch

Cons: No Optical, No 1/4" Jack

For the price of this thing, you definitely can't go wrong.  It has a very nice Wolfson WM8741 chip in it and immediately you will find out what you have been missing in your music/gaming.  It brings everything to crisp pure life and detail.  I found it can even drive some hard to drive headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT series in the 250 Ohm area very well.  The bass boost on it is very nice.  The only thing I miss is a 1/4" jack and an optical connection.  But for the price, you can't go wrong with this thing.  You can hook up an external amp to it to get even better power.  It has a Low/High gain switch on it as well.  Many people say it's better than the E7 and I probably have to agree since it is a newer model.  The only bad thing is, it will only work with a computer usb connection which a lot of people, including myself dislike.  But for the price I paid, you can't go wrong with it at all, it's very nice.


Wonder if the amp in this is more powerful than the E11? E11 does a pretty poor job of driving the HD-600, so I imagine this will have no chance. I think someone said this could drive their K400, so that's good enough for me. Might get this or the Bithead.
That was me. The K400/K500 on high gain were given enough volume and didn't sound bad. Having written that I do know how a fully driven old school AKG can sound. The E10 can give you a decent taste of what those AKGs can sound like.
Regarding the Bithead, the Headroom products and especially in the desktop range do strike me as interesting. But for simple desktop use the E10 is worth the money and I do appreciate the line out...
How do you hook up an external amp?
I don't think the price is low and I think you can go wrong - if it's not enough, and you didn't expect it as this friggin hard getting a satisfying sound interface at a reasonable price for people who don't want to turn into fulltime audio-geeks just because of wanting decent quality.
Generally put, it's "not crap". That's the range of quality you can expect.
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