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Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amplifier

ALERT!!! The current E9k does not work correctly with the FiiO E7, only E17 is supported. The FiiO QOGIR (E9K) desktop headphone amplifier offers truly stunning audio performance and versatility to headphone audio enthusiasts. Its sleek and modern appearance belies the engineering marvel within. While maintaining exceptionally low noise and distortion, the QOGIR's strong power and high current output design is capable of driving the most demanding headphones up to 600&#937, while rendering music with excellent dynamics and clarity. The QOGIR serves as a dock for the E17 USB DAC-AMP devices. When combined, the QOGIR and E17 become seamless high fidelity audio interface for any computer, bypassing noisy internal sound cards. With both a fixed and a volume controlled line level output, the QOGIR works well as a pre-amp. As a successor to the E9, the QOGIR has the following improvements: - Synchronized power on/off with FiiO E17 - Switch-selectable dock or AUX-in playback - Full size RCA connectors for all rear input/outputs Features - TI TPA6120 current feedback power amp with low noise, distortion and high switching rate - Soft on/off with sealed relay protects power amplifier output - Smooth and low noise ALPS sealed potentiometer for volume control - Audio buffers using ultra-low distortion and low noise OPA2134 op amps - Dock connector for E17 USB DAC-AMP - Standard 10dB and 18dB High Gain - Volume controlled and fixed level RCA outputs Specifications - Power: 900mW (32Ω); 150mW (300Ω) - Impedance Range:16 ~ 600Ω - SNR: >100dB (A weight) - Distortion:

FeatureQOGIR (E09K) is a new updated product of FiiO, basing on the E9. Strong output power, easily drive high impedance headphone - Suitable headphone impedance range of E09K is 16O~600O. Big output power can effectively drive high impedance headphone. High-current output design makes it quite easy to enjoy the high quality and high presence music. Creative combo, highly cost-effective desk top DAC AMP - E09K can not only be used as a headphone amplifier but also with DAC function. It would quickly be a desk top DAC headphone amplifier with full function when using with FiiO E17. Application of high quality components, ensuring stable and reliable product quality - Using TI OPA2134+TPA6120 chip combo makes the headphone amplifier be possible with low noise, low distortion and high power. It's also very easy and relax to enjoy the details of music with using Japan high-precision ALPS potentiometer. Various interfaces make it very convenient to connect with other equipment - E09K input supports DOCK IN, AUX IN, USB IN (PC DAC), E09K output supports headphone output, LINE OUT and PRE OUT. It can also be used with some extension devices, such as PC, Pre-decoder, After-amplifier, etc.
TitleFiiO E9K High Output Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Dock for E17 (Not E7 Compatible)
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementKFIO0220
Item Height3.78 inches
Item Length5.87 inches
Item Weight0.97 pounds
Item Width2.2 inches
Package Height3.07 inches
Package Length9.84 inches
Package Weight1.68 pounds
Package Width5.51 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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