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FiiO E09K


Pros: plenty of power, sounds great

Cons: I'm really trying to think of something but just can't

I bought this as a package with the FiiO E17 Alpen for $260.00 I feel that i got a great deal for such a wonderfully versatile high quality product.


AUDIO - This has enough power to make my Audiotechnica ATH-M50s, Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's and Hifiman HE-400's sound fantastic. It doesn't add much colouration to the sound of the headphones, it more enhances the particular characteristics of each set. I think this unit has outstanding audio quality for it's price.


EASE OF USE - I mentioned the versatility of the unit. I like that i can run my PC speakers off the line out or pre out and they are muted when my headphones are plugged in which means I can easily use the DAC in my E17 for my whole PC setup easily. To add to this if I want to listen to music on the go i don't really have to sacrifice audio qualit as I can just pop the E17 out of the dock, plug it into my iPhone and use it portably knowing it is fully charged every time since it has been charging the whole time it has been in the dock.


BUILD QUALITY - The build quality of the unit appears to be extremely high, and I mean surprisingly so. Having read reviews of this before buying it i was expecting it to be well made but it exceeded my expectations.


I would not recommend buying this without the E17, I'm sure it would be fine to use without it as a desktop amp (no DAC) but half the beauty of this product is how well it pairs with it's little brother. It's the best way of having 2 amps for different uses without actually having to own 2 separate amps.


Thank You FiiO


Pros: Powers the HD650, Sounds Great

Cons: none

Bought this AMP to power my HD650 and to enable me to dock my E7 which I had prior to purchasing this. It provides plenty of power for HD650, and sounds very good. Bass seems to be improved a lot and soundstage has improved slightly.


For a budget amp to power high impedance cans, I recommend it.


E7 works very well with the E09K



If you have an E7 and are thinking of purchasing this, buy NEW. The E09K's manufactured before October 2012 do not support the E7 (there is a problem with hissing). This doesn't apply to the E07K.


The only drawback? Now I have a taste of what HD650's can really do with a high powered AMP and I want more :)


Hope this helped.

FiiO E09K

The E09K now has line-out, pre-out and line-it via cinch cables, has the USB-link like the E9. Besides that, the Fiio E09K has a switch to toggle between dock input and aux input.

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