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A Review On: FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit

FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit

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Pros: Very good price point, very smooth impression, good load of accessories

Cons: Hissing due to sensitivity, low quality screen protector


FiiO was being really enthusiastic about their products lately and its no doubt that it will take the audiophile market by storm, they were always known as the company who makes budget audiophile products. And this time, I will be looking at the latest “Andes” E07K Amp/Dac combo.. As we all know that the E07K is the successor of its previous model the E7, with a huge leap of improvement of course. Jaben brought in a few units the other day and I was able to be lucky enough to grab hold of one myself. The reason behind my purchase was mainly because of its value, accompanied along with its gorgeous and sleek outer shell and design, along with a wide range of functions similar enough to its bigger brother the E17 Alpen, not to mention its price point which was the main attraction



In the box, you will get a USB cable, a basic 3.5mm male to male interconnect, two protective films for the screen, a soft carry pouch, a set of rubber feet, and two rubber bands for rig attachment purposes.


Bass: The bass on the E07k brings an impactful, loud, prevalent presence into your music, although sometimes (varying on songs) it tends to get a little boomy, but it is forgivable as the sensation will not totally be considered as unpleasant, I personally find it quite enjoyable. One thing I did notice would be the synergy between the mids and the low frequencies, it was being brought forward altogether but do take note that they do not bleed into each other’s spectrum. As both frequencies are very controlled.

Highs: Not the highlight of the E07k I would say, as it did not do much improvement to my listening experience, as it does not provide any sparkle factor, or should I say, dull. However, I would still say that it has great control over this spectrum.

Mids: The mids are brought forward but not too much, yet again, very controlled in its own manner, I find it very engaging. Very sweet, very defined, is all I could say to describe this section.


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