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A Review On: FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit

FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit

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Pros: Works with iphones and ipads

Cons: Can't handle 192khz; requires camea connecting kits for use with Apple

I purchased this on Amazon from a vendor that had a combined listing for the older model and newer E07 Andes.  So I received the new model at the old model price and saved about $20.   So that was nice.   But even at $90 this unit is great.  I can use it for getting more volume from the Asus T100 when watching movies on a plane (that was my original reason for buying the machine).  But then I discovered that I can turn my current generation Apple toys until audiophile delivery systems.  Sweet.


I found that a number of apps like nPlayer and VLC will allow internal streaming over the home network of hi res material.  One can also download 24 bit 96khz files (or lower rates but not higher) directly to the Apple products.


When the Fiio X1 comes out that may raise the bar yet again for portable audio; but in the meantime this unit is a nice performer at a reasonable price.  I suppose the next step up would be 192 khz or DSD streaming; but realistically Foobar is your friend and can convert just about everything to a format that works with the E07.  Plus even though I have SACD material, I am not convinced that it is a giant step above 24bit 96khz.  (Eggs and rotten vegetables to follow?).


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