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FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit Reviews

Positive Reviews


A must have for a beginning audiophile. Awesome quality amp and DAC, for a good price.


Pros: Price, Build Quality, Ease of controls, Drives an impacting bass; and improves mids considerably. Quality audio playback, and 24 hour battery life.

Cons: Doesn't help highs improve.

Introduction: The Fiio E07K Andes DAC and Headphone amplifier is a must have for a beginning audiophile. The quality outweighs the price. It has great value and is a great buy for a powerful, and casual portable amplifier. Also the fact that the amp has a built in DAC for quality audio playback is pretty awesome as well. I will talk about all the positives and negatives about this amp in it's sound quality, build, etc. The Fiio Company: Fiio is a China-based company that specifically produces headphone amplifiers. Fiio is a very popular company among audiophiles. The most popular amp by Fiio is the Fiio E6, a mini-amplifier that is bought by both regular consumers and audiophiles...
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Negative Reviews


Basic quality, all the same with onboard audio quality.


Pros: Good if your onboard current gear or onboard audio is of lower spec than the alc889

Cons: Not worth it if your current gear or onboard audio is to spec with the alc889 or better

Using WASAPI, ASIO and onboard stock drivers yielded the exact same result. Same sound quality and same sound coloration. Unless you are suffering from serious EMI and static noise then these dont really offer any improvement at all.   Just control the volume/output of the desktop or laptop to not damage the headphone drivers.

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Ticks all boxes. Works with iPhone 5, iOS 7+


Pros: Lightweight, portable, easy to use, great build quality

Cons: N/A

There are 100's of reviews for this product, all covering differing subjects. Nearly all of them rate the product very highly.   This is not a comprehensive review. If you want a more comprehensive review, you can probably find it on the net.     I only want to cover one topic:   iPhone/iPad connectivity (Lightening Connector)   Yes, this DAC can be used with iPhone/iPad via Lightening connector!    Instructions:   1. You will need an extra cable (Lightning to USB Camera Adapter), it can be purchased from the Apple store here (I've tried a third party connector, and it doesn't work - so I suggest you stick with the Apple branded...
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Great little amp.


Pros: Fairly flat sound signature, price/performance ratio

Cons: Slight hissing with sensitive IEMs, UI isn't the prettiest

First of all, I must thank Bowei006 for lending me the E07k. I won't be going into the sound quality all that much in this review, but will instead go over the physical characteristics of the E07k. The overall design of the E07k is very refined. It looks better than both the E7 and E11, which I have owned at one point or another.    Picture Time: The front of the E07k is mostly glass, with a snazzy bezel, and piece of metal running along the bottom.   The back continues the same brushed aluminum as the front and sides of the unit:   At the bottom is a mini USB-in as well as a line in, and Fiio's proprietary line out, which can be used with the...
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USB DAC, and everything else


Pros: Multi featured Swiss Army DAC/Amp. Universal sound and EQ. Screen, and slick buttons. Adequate power

Cons: Screen is very small, size is weird when used with many DAP's,

Introduction: The legend has returned. The FiiO E7 is one of the world's most famous budget DAC's and headphone amplifier. It skyrocketed FiiO to fame back when it came out. It was, and still is, on the lips of many new head-fi'ers as they come to look for a budget unit for their new setup. The E7 has aged in these last 2-3 years since it has been out, but now in 2012 and early 2013, the legend itself has returned. Updated and just as sleek and beautiful as the original was. I honestly can not think of another company that has been as major a brand of choice for a starter audiophile than FiiO. The E7 and FiiO has created and started more audiophiles than I can count. Let's take a look at...
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Wolfson WM8740 for Under $100!


Pros: Great Value, Durable build, neutral and clean output, great as a DAC

Cons: battery life, not enough power as an AMP, requires E09k to get the most out of it

Owned this amp for just over a year and it is wonderful for the price. FiiO is one of the few companies that openly lists all of their specs to the public. I reason I bought this was primarily to be used as a portable DAC. The Wolfson WM8740 is a very competent DAC which is found in much higher priced equipment.    Just because FiiO is a Chinese company, does not mean that the quality of the E07k Andes is poor. On the contrary, the design is very compact and the materials used mostly comprise of metal parts. The unit feels very solid in the hands without being too heavy to carry around.    Plugging these in via USB on my laptop completely blew me away on how much...
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Amazing sound for the price


Pros: Works with iphones and ipads

Cons: Can't handle 192khz; requires camea connecting kits for use with Apple

I purchased this on Amazon from a vendor that had a combined listing for the older model and newer E07 Andes.  So I received the new model at the old model price and saved about $20.   So that was nice.   But even at $90 this unit is great.  I can use it for getting more volume from the Asus T100 when watching movies on a plane (that was my original reason for buying the machine).  But then I discovered that I can turn my current generation Apple toys until audiophile delivery systems.  Sweet.   I found that a number of apps like nPlayer and VLC will allow internal streaming over the home network of hi res material.  One can also...
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Great value and functionality


Pros: Jack of all trades

Cons: Master of none

I really think the E07K is a great place to start with this hobby - and maybe even carry on for a while.   The biggest plus is the amount of functionality packed into a very small package - combination amp/dac with a large number of user adjustments - eq adjustments (bass + treble), channel balance for those of us with slightly different ear sensitivity, 3 levels of gain adjustment. Supports up to 24/96 driverless via USB. Can use either as a dac/amp via USB or just a portable amp via line in. Long-lasting battery for use as a portable amp or trickle charge via USB when using as dac/amp. Comes with useful accessories (bag, USB cable, line in cable, screen protector, silicone...
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Return of the Legend?


Pros: Very good price point, very smooth impression, good load of accessories

Cons: Hissing due to sensitivity, low quality screen protector

Introduction:  FiiO was being really enthusiastic about their products lately and its no doubt that it will take the audiophile market by storm, they were always known as the company who makes budget audiophile products. And this time, I will be looking at the latest “Andes” E07K Amp/Dac combo.. As we all know that the E07K is the successor of its previous model the E7, with a huge leap of improvement of course. Jaben brought in a few units the other day and I was able to be lucky enough to grab hold of one myself. The reason behind my purchase was mainly because of its value, accompanied along with its gorgeous and sleek outer shell and design, along with a wide range of...
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Pros: well designed,great sound,superior build quality

Cons: none so far

this is a great device at a a great price . if you want to drive your headphones from your pc or portable device you can not do better unless you pay triple the price .   I have not owned the E17 but it should be equally good value .
Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphone Amplifiers › Amp/DACs › FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit › FiiO Andes (E07K) Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - 96kHz/24-Bit Reviews