Great clear sound, fantastic build, can be overpriced

A Review On: Ferrari AAV-1LFH009K Cavallino T350 Over-Ear Headphones

Ferrari AAV-1LFH009K Cavallino T350 Over-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Metal and leather, extra cables, crisp audiophile type sound, above average noise cancelling

Cons: Price-possibly, slightly tight fit, lacks bass for the mass-market crowd, only plays with noise cancelling on

First off- I got these for $130 from Newegg, and for that price they are a bargain. The $400 list price is way too expensive. Th fit and finish are beautiful on these, my only complaint would be the earcup caps are plastic. it comes with a nice case, and 3 different type cables. These are noise cancelling headphones, and the noise cancelling has to be on to produce sound. The noise cancelling is above average in quality, though not quite up to Bose standards. 

The sound: Crisp, detailed, great range. These are in the same vein as an AKG K550 or a Pioneer HDJ-2000 in the way they sound. sparkly highs, clear vocals and mids, and nicely textured bass. The bass will seem light to the Beats/mass market crowd. The T350 has a little more bass than the k550 and a little less than the hdj2000, which is plenty for the headfi crowd. 

If I had my way, I would remove the active noise cancelling and plastic caps. As it stands, these are a bargain at the current price. 


Thanks for the review.
I saw the price on Newegg a few days ago and wanted to pull the trigger based on the looks alone but the lack of reliable info kept me on the fence. I'm gonna pull the trigger on a black pair, too bad the brown one is out of stock :(
I waned the brown one too, same story. But the black one is very cool looking as well. Be sure to post up once you get them!