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A Review On: Fanny Wang Headphones Co. Over Ear DJ Headphones with Selectable Bass Boost, Tuxedo, (FW-2001-BLK-WHI)

Fanny Wang Headphones Co. Over Ear DJ Headphones with Selectable Bass Boost, Tuxedo, (FW-2001-BLK-WHI)

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Pros: Lo Power Built in Amp

Cons: None

These headphones are Very good. i usually try to stay away with designer headphones but these really are great. When in the ON mode with no bass boost the sound is great and flat very very similar to the audio technica ath-m50 with the bass boos on it is great bass quick and punchy no lag at all. no muddling out the mid's and high's either. if you want designer headphones to look great deffinately purchase these. the absolutely Destroy the Beats By Dre series in every way. and did I mention these headphones are basically indestructible. the built quality is by far the best i have ever seen on headphones in this price range. and they are great to be used with just about any mp3 player because of the built in amplifier. my only con about these headphones is they are quite heavy. but the design makes all of the weight rest on the soft headband on the top of your head rather than all of the weight being put on your ears.


This is without a doubt one of the worst reviews I've ever read on Head-Fi... and from a member with literally 0 posts. dillardmichael, if you're gonna shill for Fanny Wang, try not making it so damn obvious.
So the amp is the only good thing you can say about them?
winds up the pimp hand, slaps the sense into him, repeatedly.
LOL! It'd be great if he came back and fleshed out the review so as to be worthy of Head-Fi standards. I think we'd all welcome that.
at that price... good luck having this 'super ultra good designer headphones' compete with the SRH940, DT880, HD598, or XB1000 for that matter