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exaSound e20


Pros: DSD256 support, rock-solid ASIO driver, phenomenal SQ

Cons: small rubber feet, slightly off-center backlighting

I reviewed this DAC as part of a combined exaSound e22/e20 review. Instead of just duplicating that review here, I will provide a link to it:




Hopefully this isn't breaking any rules.

exaSound e20

Exciting, Dynamic and Transparent Sound Reproduction The exaSound e20 mkIII DAC brings music reproduced with recording studio accuracy to computer audiophiles. e20 can play any high-resolution stereo recording the way it was recorded - nothing added, nothing taken away. e20 supports PCM sampling rates from 44.1 to 384Khz at 32bit resolution, and DSD at 2.82 and 5.64 MHz. Designed and Built for Computer Audiophiles * DSD 2.82MHz and DSD 5.64MHz without conversion to PCM * 384kHz/ 32bit maximum PCM sampling rate. * DXD 352.8kHz master files are reproduced with remarkable bit-perfect low-jitter accuracy. * ES9018 Sabre32 jitter-cancelling reference DAC chip from ESS Technologies. * Asynchronous USB Interface eliminates jitter caused by unstable computer timing. * OS X and Windows ASIO custom high-performance drivers. * Automatic sampling rate switching. * 384 kHz software upsampling. * 0.13 ps master clock. Jitter minimization is achieved by using 3 three precision oscillators. * 17 power filtering stages minimize noise, jitter and channel crosstalk. * Galvanic isolation between the USB subsystem and the DAC circuits eliminates noise caused by ground loops and blocks computer-originated interferences. * High-fidelity second generation headphone amplifier capable of driving the most demanding headphones. * Simultaneously driven, gold plated balanced (XLR), and unbalanced (RCA) line outputs. * Two S/PDIF inputs provide jitter reduction and superb D/A conversion when used with CD transports. * The e20 DAC can be programmed to work with most IR remote controls.

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