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A Review On: Etymotic Research HF3

Etymotic Research HF3

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Definitely a great earphone. For comparison sake I also own the LCD-2R2 and the Etymotic MC3.




These are very neutral and bordering on bass light. The bass is definitely there and it is very detailed but it lacks the punch due to the small driver size and the limited amount of air it can move. They will definitely be for someone who likes an analytic sound rather than a colored sound.


The mids and highs are very detailed. The sound is not tiring but I would not say it is laid back.


There is definitely some microphonics.




With universal IEMs everyone will have a different experience. However, I absolutely love the small triple flanges. They seal as well as the large ones for me but are very comfortable. I can often forget I have them in my ears. Although it must be said that it took a few days before I became accustomed to the fit. They definitely go quite deep into the ear.


The drivers themselves are very light.


The cable is quite stiff, and slightly thin. It seems sturdy though and apparently is teflon reinforced. The stiff nature of the cable makes it somewhat difficult to wear over the ear.




I quite like the classic look of the Etymotic driver enclosure. It has a metallic look paint on the plastic housings. 


They are definitely worth the money.

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I have easily over 1000 hours on the hf3's with the ACS custom molded plugs. It took about a month to get them once the ear molds were sent in. Better bass, but still lite. Much better sound isolation. Very comfortable for long hours (I drive a lot and have several days per week with them in for 6+ hours per day) $100 extra for the custom molds. Highly recommended.
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