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Great sound quality comes with a price!

A Review On: Etymotic Research HF3

Etymotic Research HF3

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Pros: Amazing Isolation, Great Sound Quality, Great Mids

Cons: Uncomfortable Ear Tips, If your not going to use these as a portable solution look elsewhere (for the price)

To keep things short:

These headphones are a step up from everything else that I have owned. The isolation is great (better than my Shure's) and I LOVE the sound signature. Like my previous headphones, I heard more detail in my music than I did before. For $180, you would expect these headphones to be perfect however the only complaint I have with them is the earbuds they come with are uncomfortable. While you are able to get custom earbuds made, it is difficult to get my ears molded where I live. Other than the uncomfortable buds that I will most likely get used to, the headphones have exceeded my expectations.


UPDATE 6/12/2011: I have tried different tips and I take back what I said about the comfort of these headphones. The foam tips are VERY comfortable and I able to listen for hours without experiencing discomfort. Also, I am taking half a star off for the weak lows which while I am nowhere near being a bass head, its just not powerful enough. I am however adding a half star to the value after learning that you could get these at amazon for $115 (Surprisingly $180 for the blue ones). I will continue to update my review.


UPDATE 9/19/2011: I have gotten used to the headphones and to my surprise the headphones drivers now started to produce a nice "thump" whenever I listen to dubstep. I am not making the audio quality a 5 star rating because I have noticed that the a singers vocals tend to sound "dry." There's not enough "fullness" to their voices. Still these headphones still provide amazing isolation and I will soon get the Shure Olives because the foam tips that these headphones came with are a little uncomfortable and I remember the tips on the Shure 115's being MUCH better.

1 Comment:

Thanks for your review! If you are interested in obtaining custom sleeves for your hf3, shoot me an email at r_carlson@etymotic.com with your location and I'll see if I can help locate a provider for you.
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